December 12, 2014
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.
Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Z--Building 360 Anti-Climbing Fencing

Solicitation Number: VA26115B0046
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Reno VAMC
Location:Louisville, KY
Posted Date December 11, 2014

Y--Project to modify the existing decorative fencing at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery.

Solicitation Number: VA78615Q0038
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA National Cemetery Administration Centralized Contracting Division
Location:Louisville, KY
Posted Date December 10, 2014

Y--Correct Security Compliance Deficiencies - FCA

Solicitation Number: VA25014B0522
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Columbus VAOPC
Location:Columbus, OH
Posted Date December 10, 2014

38--W56PFY-15-R-0025 Site Preparation and Fence removal/installation.

Solicitation Number: W56PFY-15-Q-2023
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Location:Gabon, Africa
Posted Date December 10, 2014

38--W56PFY-15-R-0020 / Site Prep / Fence Removal/Install

Solicitation Number: W56PFY-15-Q-2020
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Location: Ghana, Africa
Posted Date December 10, 2014

Replacement of Automated Motor Vehicle Gate and Gate Operator

Solicitation Number: HSCG23-15-Q-PFP025
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Location:Hampton Bays, New York
Posted Date December 9, 2014

KJCC CBP Security Gate

Solicitation Number: KJCCgate
Agency: Department of Labor
Office: Employment Training Administration
Location: Drums, Pennsylvania
Posted Date December 9, 2014

Construct VT Hanlon Substation in South Dakota

Solicitation Number: SS12092014
Agency: Department of Energy
Office: Western Area Power Administration
Location:South dakota development and fence...
Posted Date December 9, 2014

Z--Relocate Base Boundary fence, Portland Air National Guard base, Portland, OR

Solicitation Number: W912JV-15-B-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location:Portland, OR
Posted Date December 8, 2014

Y--Loading Dock Access Control : Project #652-13-106

Solicitation Number: VA24615B0079
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Hampton VAMC
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Posted Date December 8, 2014

Wooden gates

Solicitation Number: SP330015Q0016
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Location:New Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Posted Date December 5, 2014

State and Local Bids


Southside School District - Construction of Dugouts, Backstop and Fencing Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014


Ak-Chin Indian Community - Ak-Chin Regional Airport: Schedule I - Install Fencing Posted 11/27/2014 Bids Due 12/16/2014


CALTRANS - Replace Damaged Fence Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 01/22/2015
City of Norco - LMD #4 Equestrian Trail Fence Replacement Years 1 & 2 Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 01/13/2015
Long Beach Unified School District - Fencing Improvements At Lowell, Prisk, Rogers and Stanford Schools Posted 12/08/2014 Bids Due 12/19/2014
California Highway Patrol - Gate Maintenance Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
Orange County Water District - Alamitos Barrier Improvement Project Posted 12/06/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
San Diego - RJ Donovan Infill Project - #33 - Electrified Fence - Fences and Gates Posted 12/06/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014
City of San Francisco - Beach Chalet Athletic Field Renovation Project - Chain Link Fencing Posted 12/03/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County - INSTALLATION OF CHAIN LINK FENCING AND GATES AT THE PUENTE HILLS LANDFILL SCALES AREA Specification No. 03508 Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/29/2014
Orange County - MBE/WBE BIDDERS Best Drilling And Pump is calling for proposals in: sanitation, fencing, gravel,... Posted 12/05/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
North County Transit District - East Division Gates Installation Services Posted 11/21/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014
City of Norco - Notice Inviting Bids for Equestrian Trail Fence Project - Various Locations Posted 11/20/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
City of Ontario - CDBG Futsal Court Fence Repairs Posted 11/08/2014 Bids Due 12/12/2014
City of Coronado - Golf Course 15th Fairway Barrier Netting Improvements Posted 11/05/2014 Bids Due 12/20/2014
Los Angeles County - Metro Blue Line Pedestrian and Swing Gates Installation Posted 10/09/2014 Bids Due 12/02/2014 12/12/2014 01/09/2015


City of Bristol - Annual Requirements for Chain Link Fencing for the Period through December 31, 2016 Posted 12/05/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014
Town of Greenwich - Chain Link Fencing and Guardrail Installation Posted 11/22/2014 Bids Due 12/11/2014 12/19/2014


JEA - Jacksonville Electric Authority - Repair and Installation of Security Fencing Posted 12/11/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015
Marion County - Q15-046 December 2014 Fence Repair Project Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
Orange County - Fence Installation and Repairs Posted 12/05/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
Miami-Dade County - Pedestrian Overpass At University Metrorail Statio Posted 11/26/2014 Bids Due 01/20/2015
City of Melbourne - HySecurity Security Gate Replacement - Public Works Complex Posted 12/02/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015
Jacksonville Port Authority - REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL_FENCING INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICES Posted 11/18/2014 Bids Due 12/19/2014
Seminole County - Term Contract for Fence Parts, Repairs and Installation Services Posted 11/07/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
University of Florida - Stephen C. O'Connell Center Expansion & Renovation - 32A Fencing, Gates Posted 11/19/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014
City of Tallahassee - Fencing Services Posted 11/14/2014 Bids Due 12/09/2014 12/16/2014
Walton County - HELEN MCCALL CHAIN LINK FENCE Posted 11/05/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014
City of West Palm Beach - 14-15-105 - Westward Park Fence Replacement Posted 10/29/2014 Bids Due 12/02/2014 12/11/2014 12/16/2014


Forsyth County - Sherrill House Fence Posted 12/03/2014 Bids Due 12/19/2014
City of Augusta - Chain Link Fences & Gates Posted 11/13/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014


City of Sullivan - Power Plant Fence Posted 12/03/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014


New Albany Redevelopment Commission - New Albany Dog Park Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014


IADOT- 97-0293-712 - Fencing Posted 11/28/2014 Bids Due 12/16/2014
IADOT- 91-0352-440 - Fencing Posted 11/28/2014 Bids Due 12/16/2014 03/17/2015


KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - Automatic Gate Operator - Milford Fish Hatchery Posted 11/27/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
Water District No. 1 of Johnson County - Renner Yard North Gate Replacement Posted 11/15/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014


City of Richmond - Purchase and Installation of an Ornamental Steel Fence Posted 12/08/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014


City of Shreveport - Steel Fencing Materials for Querbes Park Golf Pro Shop Posted 12/12/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
Jefferson Parish - Progressive Park Fence Installation Posted 12/09/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014


Replace Courtyard Security Fence at Rehad Building Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014 10/21/2014 10/28/2014 11/07/2014 11/21/2014 12/12/2014


City of Boston - Improvements to Caldwell Street Playground, Charlestown Posted 12/05/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
Town of Longmeadow - Blinn Tennis Court Reconstruction and Site Improvement Project Posted 11/28/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
Town of Yarmouth - Dog Park Construction Posted 11/28/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014
MassDOT - 607966- Scheduled and Emergency Fence Repairs and Improvements At Various Locations Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 03/03/15


City of Minneapolis - BIDS FOR DOUBLE TRACK DOOR AND PIVOT GATE INSTALLATION PROJECT Posted 12/03/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014


City of Perryville - Backstop and Fencing Replacement Project Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
MoDOT - NE15-27Q-R2 Chain Link Fence Repair (located near I-70 Eastbound South Outer Road Mile Marker 198) and General Wage Order No. 58 REQUEST CANCELLED - This work will be the responsibility of MoDOT's contracted vendor who maintains the roadside rest areas. Interested vendors should contact: Posted 12/12/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014
City of Raymore - Recreation Park Baseball Fields Renovation Posted 12/09/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014

New Hampshire

NHDOT - Guardrail Components Posted 12/11/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014
NHDOT - Nashua Sound Wall Restoration Posted 12/12/2014 Bids Due 01/08/2015

New Jersey

Morristown Housing Authority - Construction of (8) Dumpster Enclosures & Pads Posted 12/09/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
City of Paterson - Purchase and Installation of an All Black Chain Link Fence Around the Lower Level Field at Pennington Park, Bid NO. 15.19 Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/16/2014
Town of Boontown - Birch Street Steps Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
Education Services Commision of Morris County - Fencing Repair and Replacement Posted 08/27/2014 Bids Due 02/05/2015

New Mexico

Fabrication of Welded Pipe Gates Posted 11/07/2014 Bids Due 12/16/2014

New York

Town of Hempstead - C#85-14 *EMERGENCY FENCING & BOARD-UP FOR UNSAFE STRUCTURES Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014
MTA - 0000094793 - C-31617 Yard Fencing Upgrade at Fresh Pond In the Borough of Queens Funding: 100% FTA Goals: 20% DBE Est $ Range: $5M - $10M Posted 11/24/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
MTA - 0000094785 - C-31613R Yard Fencing Upgrade at 38th Street and LindenYards in the Borough of Brooklyn Funding: 100% FTA Goals: 20% DBE Est $ Range: $5M - $10M Posted 11/24/2014 Bids Due 12/26/2014 01/06/2015
OGS - Perimeter Security Systems - Various Locations Posted 11/26/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
New York City Dept. of Parks & Recreation - Reconstruction of Pavements, Fencing, Basketball Courts, Spray Shower, Play Equipment, Plantings, and General Site Work Posted 11/19/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014

North Carolina

Galvanized Fence Posted 11/25/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014 Contact


City of Cleveland - File No. 140-14 Fence Installation, Maintenance and/or Repair Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014


City of Eugene - Fence Repair and Replacement at the Owen Rose Garden Posted 11/18/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014


Tredyffrin/Easttown School District - The Tredyffrin/Easttown School District requests sealed bids for Site Fencing at Three Schools Posted 12/14/2014 Bids Due 01/09/2015
Pennridge School District - Stadium Improvements at the Helman Track and Field located at the Pennridge High School Posted 12/08/2014 Bids Due 01/27/2015
Township of Pine - 3 Community Park Improvement Contracts: Fence Contract, Playground Contract, and Paving Contract Posted 11/14/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014

South Carolina

Clemson University - DEER FENCING Posted 12/11/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015
Coastal Carolina University - Provide, deliver and install two-rail white vinyl fence Posted 12/08/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015
City of Myrtle Beach - Fence Replacement for Tennis Courts at the Tennis Center Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014 MANDATORY Pre-Proposal Meeting 12/09/2014
Kershaw County - WOODWARD FIELD AIRPORT SECURITY FENCING Posted 11/17/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014



Citizens Gas Utility District - Chain Link Fence Posted 12/11/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014
City of Oak Ridge - FY2015-217 CENTENNIAL GOLF COURSE FENCE/GATE PROJECT Posted 11/20/2014 Bids Due 12/12/2014


Brown County Sheriff's Office - Security fence at the Brown County/City of Brownwood Law Enforcement Center Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
TxDOT - 6279-43-001 - Guardrail Repair Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 01/13/2015
Texas Dept of Criminal Justice - Metal Pipe Posted 11/21/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
Garland Independent School District - RFP - Homer B. Johnson (HBJ) Stadium Fence Replacement Posted 11/12/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
Kerr County - P# 136537 REPLACE GAME FENCING AT KERR WMA, KERR COUNTY, TEXAS Posted 11/07/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014
Houston-Galveston Council of Governments - Video Surveillance, Access Control & Security Fencing Systems Posted 10/07/2014 Bids Due 01/08/2015
Louise Independent School District - Fence Materials Posted 09/07/2014 Bids Due 12/31/2014


Sage Grouse Fence Markers Posted 12/11/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
Site Security Upgrades At the Utah State Capitol Posted 11/28/2014 Bids Due 12/22/2014


Christopher Newport University - Fencing for Grounds Posted 12/06/2014 Bids Due 01/05/2015


Replace Major/Minor Control Gates & Power Upgrades Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 01/15/2015
City of Shoreline - M1 Dam Fence Replacement Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014

West Virginia

Coonskin Complex Perimeter Fence Design Posted 12/12/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015


City of Port Washington - North Beach Parking Lot and Access Improvements Posted 11/14/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014


WYDOT - Rough Lumber for Snow Fence Repair and Construction Posted 11/22/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
WYDOT - Wood Sign and Fence Posts Posted 11/27/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014
WYDOT - Slat Type Snow Fence Posted 11/21/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Glenmore Trail Improvements - Noise Barrier Construction Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015

British Columbia

Perimeter Fence Replacement (EZ899-151563/A) Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
Upgrade GRA Fencing, 19 Wing CFB Comox, B.C. Posted 12/09/2014 Bids Due 01/07/2015
BC Rapid Transit (Skytrain) - FENCING MAINTENANCE Posted 12/08/2014 Bids Due 12/23/2014


Security Fence Repairs (ET025-151424/A) Posted 12/01/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014

New Brunswick

City of Moncton - Kiwanis Park Backstop Replacement Posted 11/22/2014 Bids Due 01/15/2015

Nova Scotia

City of Halifax - Chain Link Fence Improvements-Canada Games Diamond-Cogswell Street, Halifax Posted 12/04/2014 Bids Due 12/17/2014
ARM VEHICLE BARRIERS MAINTENANCE (W010C-14C334/A) Posted 11/20/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015

Northwest Territories

North Slave Correction Centre (NSCC) - Secure Fence 2014 SC794668 Posted 11/21/2014 Bids Due 12/18/2014


Ottawa Community Housing Corporation - FENCE REPLACEMENT AND GRADING IMPROVEMENTS AT ALBION/ HEATHERINGTON, OTTAWA, ONTARIO Posted 12/10/2014 Bids Due 12/30/2014
barricades evenementiels (C1111-140569/A) Posted 11/04/2014 Bids Due 12/15/2014


Canadian Heritage - Rental of Fences and Privacy Screens Posted 11/14/2014 Bids Due 01/06/2015


Classified Ads



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20,000 LF of 6 Chain Link Fence

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