October 3, 2014
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.
Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Z--Relocate Base Boundary and Fence, Portland Air national Guard Base, Portland, OR

Solicitation Number: W912JV-15-B-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location: Salem OR
Posted Date October 2, 2014

C--BATAVIA-DESIGN FOR PERIMETER FENCING 222 Richmond. Ave. Batavia, NY 14020

Solicitation Number: VA52815R0002
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Western New York Health Care System
Location: Batavia, NY
Posted Date October 2, 2014


Solicitation Number: IFBP05151400002
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Bureau of Prisons
Location:Texarkana, Texas
Posted Date October 1, 2014

MAFR Fence Demolition

Solicitation Number: FA4855-14-B-0024
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Special Operations Command
Location: Melrose, New Mexico
Posted Date October 1, 2014

Y--Repairs to Runways 5/23 and 14/32 at South Field, Naval Air Station Whiting Field, FL

Solicitation Number: N6945015R1002
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: Whiting Field, FL
...construction fencing,...
Posted Date September 30, 2014


Solicitation Number: N6945014R3612
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location:Gulfport, MS
Posted Date September 30, 2014


Solicitation Number: SPE8E614Q0147
Agency: Defense Logistics Agency
Office: DLA Acquisition Locations
Posted Date September 30, 2014

Bollards and Gates Maintenance Services at Grand Forks AFB

Solicitation Number: FA4659-14-R-0015
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Mobility Command
Location: Grand Forks, North Dakota
Posted Date September 29, 2014

40--Custom Gates

Solicitation Number: M93015-14-SU-00026
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Quantico, VA
Posted Date September 27, 2014

State and Local Bids


City of Whittier - Historic Whittier RailRoad Plaza Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014


Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission - Gates and Vmag High Speed Gate Openers Posted 09/27/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014
Mohave County - Kingman Animal Shelter Renovation Phase III Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 11/06/2014
AZDOT - Rockfall Containmen Posted 08/29/2014 Bids Due 10/24/2014


City of Redding - Palisades Trail Fence Installation Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014
Port of San Francisco - 2769 Port Security Fences Phase 4 Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 10/29/2014
City of El Cajon - Pedestrian Safety Improvements Posted 09/20/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014
City of Poway - AUTOMATIC GATE INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICE Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Nevada County - Wayne Brown Correctional Facility Security Fencing Project Posted 09/16/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
Central Contra Costa Transit Authority CCCTA - Upgrade and Installation of Security Gates Posted 09/15/2014 Bids Due 10/30/2014
Beverly Hills Unified School District - Security Fencing Project Posted 09/18/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
North Country Transit District - East Division Gates Installation Services Posted 09/10/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014
City of Oceanside - Municipal Airport Fence Posted 09/01/2014 Bids Due 09/30/2014 10/07/14
Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency - 600 I Street Vehicle Gate Replacement Posted 09/02/2014 Bids Due 10/06/2014


CODOT - STA 009A-034 - Safety Improvement Project Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/23/2014
CODOT - I-70 E. Fence Services Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
Doglas County - Fence Installation/Repair On-Call Services Posted 09/20/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014


Town of Wallingford - Furnish & Install New Chain Link Fencing - Water Div., Dept. of Public Utilities Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/21/2014
City of Waterbury - Fencing to Enclose 313 Mill St Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Town of Bethany - Install approxomatly 500L/F of guardrail style fence and two gates Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014


City of Melbourne - HySecurity Security Gate Replacement Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/27/2014
FDOT - E-6J38-R0 - Removal and Replacement of Fencing Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/30/2014
Ocala Housing Authority - FENCING Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Town of Pomona Park - Morgan Park Fencing Posted 09/18/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014
Palatka Housing Authority - Fencing Installation Posted 09/16/2014 Bids Due 10/23/2014
City of Margate - Concrete Wall and Fence Contractors Posted 09/03/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
City of Ocala - Citywide Fencing Posted 08/26/2014 Bids Due 09/23/2014 10/03/2014


City of College Park - Parking and Storage Lot Re -fencing Project Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/30/2014
City of Dalton - Security Fence Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/24/2014
Gwinnett County - County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Center - Phase VI Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Forsyth County - RFQ - Fencing at Sawnee Mountain Park Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014
City of Albany - Fence Installation Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014
City of East Point - Contract for the Procurement and Installation of Security Fencing at the Ben Hill Reservoir for the City of East Point Posted 08/30/2014 Bids Due 09/30/2014 10/17/2014


IDDOT - Cattle Guard Replacement Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014


Village of Palestine - Replacement of Waste Water Treatment Plant (Lagoon) Fence Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014
City of Yorkville - Installation of Thirty Feet (30') Tall Base Ball Nets and Back Stop Fences Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 10/03/2014


INDOT - 1383253 Guardrail, Maintenance or Repair Posted 09/15/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014


University of Iowa - POWER PLANT - REPLACE PERIMETER FENCING Posted 10/01/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014


Bossier Parish - Bid #1409-001 - FENCE BID Posted 09/17/2014 Bids Due 10/06/2014
FENCE REPAIR AT CAMP VILLERE MANDATORY PRE BID MEETING 08/24/14 Posted 09/11/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014 Contact
Jefferson Parish - LABOR AND MATERIALS FOR INSTALLATION OF FENCE AT GIRARD PLAYGROUND Posted 09/03/2014 Bids Due 09/25/2014 10/07/2014 Info



County of St. Mary - Fencing Installation & Repair Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/24/2014
Replace Courtyard Security Fence at Rehad Building Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014
Prince George's County - Construction of a Terrace Garden, Splash Pad, Fencing, Landscaping and Associated Work at Largo Town Center Park Posted 09/292/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
City of Seat Pleasant - Police Modular Fence Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/03/2014
Town of Ocean City - Construct Fence Posted 09/25/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014
Hartford Community College - Complete Replacement of Fencing on HSC Softball Field Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014


City of Salem - Q-21 Common Fence Restoration Posted 10/01/2014 Bids Due 10/22/2014
Town of Dennis - Repair of Fence Posts, Gravestones and Preservation of Civil War Memorials Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014
Town of Swansea - FENCE REPLACEMENT BIDS Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014


City of Mount Clemens - GATE OPERATOR AT WATER PLANT Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
City of Hasting - Riverside Cemetery Fence Repair Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014


University of Mississippi Medical Center - Stadium Lot C and D Fencing Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/28/2014


St Louis County - 3061 - LONE ELK PARK BISON FENCE (2014-10-3061-TP PARKS) Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/20/2014
St Charles County - Storage Area Fence Extension Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Pilot Grove School District - Baseball Fencing Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 10/13/2014
Frontier School of innovation - Provide Fencing Posted 09/27/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014


Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD) - Flamingo Facility Safety/security Fencing Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014

New Jersey

Township of Saddle Brook - VETERAN'S FIELD IMPROVEMENTS Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 10/21/2014
Township of Mount Laurel - PUMPING STATION FENCE REPLACEMENTS Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014
Middlesex County - Installation of Perimeter Fencing -- Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County - New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID) Posted 09/27/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
West Bergen Mental Healthcare Center Parking Lot Lighting Replacement and Fence Installation Posted 09/18/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014
Education Services Commision of Morris County - Fencing Repair and Replacement Posted 08/27/2014 Bids Due 02/05/2015
Township of Randolph - Fencing Materials & Installation Posted 08/28/2014 Bids Due 10/10/2014

New Mexico

RFP - Security Fencing Materials and Installation Eleventh District Court Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/22/2014

New York

Nassau County - d) High Security Fence w/Controlled Access Gate F & I Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014
Monroe County - Furnish & Install Security Fencing for MCWA Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014
Rockland Psychiatric Center - Extension of current fencing, bldg 58 and 60 Posted 09/10/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014

North Carolina

NCDOT - DN00369 (WBS 33313.1.1) FENCE FOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL STUDY IN MACON COUNTY Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014
Guilford County Schools - Baseball Field Backstop Posted 09/12/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014


Chippewa Subdistrict of Muskingum Watershed - Chippewa Dam VIII C Fence Replacement Project Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 10/20/2014
City of Independence - Replacement of Tennis Court Fencing Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014


Metro (ORCPP) - Abbey Creek Fence Construction Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 10/23/2014


Allegheny County - Riverside Park Fence Replacement Project Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/20/2014
Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA) - SEALED BID: SUPPLY AND INSTALL LITTER FENCE Posted 09/16/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
Township of Northampton - Police Department Sallyport Enclosure Project Posted 09/18/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014
Philadelphia Regional Port Authority - Installation of Fencing at Southport Posted 08/22/2014 Bids Due 09/23/2014 10/14/2014
DOC - Replace Perimeter Intrusion System -- State Correctional Institution Rockview Benner Township Posted 07/19/2014 Bids Due 08/12/2014 08/27/2014 09/24/2014 10/15/2014

Rhode Island

City of South Kingston - Chain Link Fencing - South Kingstown Animal Shelter Posted 09/25/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014
City of Providence - Prete Baseball field Fencing Improvement Posted 09/22/2014 Bids Due 10/06/2014
RI CONTRACT 2014-CM-017 STATEWIDE FENCE REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT 2015-2016 (13 PGS) Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Town of Naragansett - B15009 Fencing for Parks and Playgrounds Posted 09/17/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014

South Carolina

Lexington County School District One - BASEBALL FIELD IMPROVEMENTS- LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/29/2014
City of Clinton - BASKETBALL COURT FENCING Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014
Town of Clio - REPLACEMENT OF FENCING AT CLIO’S ELEVATED WATER TANK Posted 09/29/2014 Bids Due 11/06/2014



Harris County - Phase 1 Fence and Monuments Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/22/2014
D.R. Horton - Texas Ltd - Shadow Lake Forest Fence and Monument Improvements Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014
Northside Independent School District - Fence Replacement Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/14/2014
City of Austin - ADP-Walnut Creek WWTP Southern Security Fence Posted 09/22/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014
TxDOT - Gatesville City Airport ...Install wildlife fencing... Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 11/18/2014
Louise Independent School District - Fence Materials Posted 09/07/2014 Bids Due 12/31/2014
Burleson Independent School District - Fencing Supplies and Installation Posted 09/02/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014


Loudoun County - Automated Vehicular Gate System Emergency Access at Brockman Lane, RFI 92 Posted 10/01/2014 Bids Due 10/30/2014
Virginia Railway Express - FENCE INSTALLATION AND REPAIR SERVICES Posted 09/16/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014


Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife - Wells Wildlife Area Crane Road Fire Fence Reconstruction Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife - Crane Road Fire Fence Reconstruction Posted 10/02/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
City of Issaquah - Issaquah Highlands W4 Pond and PSE Pond Fence Installation Posted 09/20/2014 Bids Due 10/03/2014

West Virginia

Page-Kincaid Public Service Dist. Water & Sewer - Contract 1 - Water System Rehabilitation Project Posted 10/03/2014 Bids Due 11/12/2014


Outagamie County - Perimeter Litter Fencing (Labor and Materials) Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014


City of Spokane - construction of aesthetic improvements at the Division St. I-90 off-ramp Posted 10/01/2014 Bids Due 10/20/2014

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Request For Quote For Fencing Services Posted 09/19/2014 Bids Due 10/03/2014

British Columbia

TransLink BC - Supply, Install and Maintenance Services of Chain Link Fencing Posted 09/26/2014 Bids Due 10/09/2014


City of Mississauga - RFT for Park 302 – Major City Park, Phase 1A - Extensive Earth Work Including Drainage, Fencing and Granular Road Posted 09/30/2014 Bids Due 10/15/2014
City of Wellington - Supply and Installation of Victoria Park Elora Fencing Posted 09/23/2014 Bids Due 10/08/2014
Regional Municipality of Niagara - Perimeter Fence Up-grade Water Treatment Plant Posted 09/24/2014 Bids Due 10/07/2014
Advance Procurement Notice - Const. Program FY14/15 - FY 16/17 - Security Requirements, Richmond, ON Posted 09/16/2014 Bids Due 10/21/2014


Provide and install fences, motorized gates Posted 10/01/2014 Bids Due 10/16/2014


Classified Ads




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