December 18, 2015
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 – Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council’s The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Chain Link Security Fence & Gates in Fairbanks, AK

Solicitation Number: W913E5-16-T-0004
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Fairbanks, AK
Posted Date December 18, 2015


Solicitation Number: A16PS00088
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Location:Anadarko OK
Posted Date December 18, 2015

Construction Services: Perimeter Secutity Fence

Solicitation Number: PR4826714
Agency: Department of State
Office: Office of Acquisitions
Location: U.S. Embassy Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Posted Date December 18, 2015

Fort McCoy, WI Access Control Point (ACP)/Mail/Freight Center

Solicitation Number: W912QR-16-ACP-FTMcCoy
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Fort McCoy, WI
Posted Date December 17, 2015

Z--Replace Boundary Fence at Mesa Verde National Park

Solicitation Number:P16PX00271
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location: Twisp, Washington
Posted Date December 16, 2015

Ft. Bragg Fencing

Solicitation Number: FA4626-16-T-0001
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Global Strike Command
Location: Lobelia, North Carolina
Posted Date December 16, 2015


Solicitation Number: W912JB16R2005
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location: National Guard Installation in Michigan
Posted Date December 15, 2015

BAER Gates- Fabricate and Supply

Solicitation Number: AG-05GG-S-16-0002
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: Twisp, Washington
Posted Date December 15, 2015


Missouri River Project Office Upgrades

Solicitation Number: W9128F-16-B-0005
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Omaha, Nebraska
...removal/replacement and upgrade of approximately 4000 LF of security fence...
Posted Date December 15, 2015

Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) contractor for the Façade-Garage Project at the Richard H. Poff Federal Building

Solicitation Number: GS-03-P-16-DX-C-7001
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
...This will be done by installing vehicle barriers, access gates, fencing, and other physical security measures....
Posted Date December 15, 2015

56--Fencing Materials for Bendire Fire ESR

Solicitation Number: L16PS00083
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Land Management
Location:BLM Oregon Region
Posted Date December 14, 2015

Split Rails for Pea Ridge National Military Park

Solicitation Number: P16PS00253
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location: Garfield AR
Posted Date December 11, 2015

State and Local Bids


University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - BAPH-Green-Space-Fence Posted 12/14/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


City of Coronado - Silver Strand Fencing Improvements Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
City of Menlo Park - Design--Community-Engagement-for-New--Renovated-City-Dog-Parks-and-Sports-Field Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/11/2016
City of Live Oak - LIVE OAK SKATE AND BIKE PARK Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
City of South Lake Tahoe - REBID *UPDATED* Police Department Perimeter Security Fence Gate Project Posted 11/01/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015 01/05/16
City of El Cajon - Dog Park Expansion Improvements Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
City of Redding - Fence Installation - Fire Station #3 Posted 12/11/2015 Bids Due 01/13/2016
San Francisco Airport - SFO-Ground-Transportation-Unit-Temporary-Facility--Site-Fencing Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 12/18/2015
San Diego County - RFQ 7213 FENCING MATERIAL Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 12/28/2015
Caltrans - Solicitation #10-0Y6404 - Construct Cable Median Barrier Posted 12/02/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
Caltrans - Solicitation #08-0R7104 - Install Single & Double Thrie Beam Barrier in Median Posted 12/07/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
Los Angeles Unified School District - Chainlink-and-Ornamental-Fence-Repair-Services Posted 11/30/2015 Bids Due 01/08/2016
City of San Diego - Installation-Repair-and-Parts-for-Fences-Gates-Nets-and-Barriers Posted 11/30/2015 Bids Due 12/21/2015
San Diego MTS - Copley Parking Division CPD Perimeter Fence Posted 11/24/2015 Bids Due 12/23/2015
Alameda County - 7751 Edgewater Parking Lot & Fencing Improvements Posted 11/18/2015 Bids Due 12/31/2015
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation - *UPDATED* Electrical Fence Netting Replacement - Phase IV Posted 11/10/2015 Bids Due 12/16/2015 12/29/2015 01/07/2016



Florida Fish & Wildlife - Hilochee Osprey Unit Boundary Fence Construction Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 12/29/2015
Florida Fish & Wildlife - Guana-River-WMA-North-Fence-Replacement-Shredding Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016
FDOT - Security Fence Installation Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016
Charlotte County - Secure-Parking-Area--Administration-Complex Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
City of Melbourne - ITB - Mcgrath Fields Partial Fence/Backstop Replacement Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016
Seminole County - BID-602460-16/BJC -- Purchase of Portable Fencing for the Seminole County Sports Complex Posted 11/23/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
Crooked Lake Wea Fencing Project Posted 11/21/2015 Bids Due 12/23/2015


Jones County - Construction and Installation of a 493 Wrought Iron Fence That Is 42 High Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 12/30/2015


IlDOT - Install Perimeter Fence on North Property Line Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Guardrail-and-Fence-Repairs Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Guardrail-and-Fence-Repairs Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Removal-of-Right of way-Fence Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


River Ridge Development Authority - Landfill-Perimeter-Fence Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/13/2016
InDOT - Roadway-Services-Fencing-Rebid Posted 12/05/2015 Bids Due 12/21/2015


Parish of East Baton Rouge - Burbank-Park-MultiUse-Fields-and-Site-Improvements Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/12/2016
Jefferson Parish - Installation-of-Eight-8-New-Automated-Gate-Openers-for-the-Jefferson-Parish-Department-of-Streets Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016
Incident-Managment-Gate-Assembly Posted 12/02/2015 Bids Due 12/18/2015



Baltimore County - Perimeter Sidewalk and Fence Replacement at Patapsco High School Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
459D31418 - Install and Repair Fencing at Various Locations in Montgomery & Prince George's Counties Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 01/07/2016
Anne Arundel County - Fencing, Design, Furnish and Install Posted 11/23/2015 Bids Due 12/22/2015


Norton Shores - Ross Park Ball Field Fences Posted 12/11/2015 Bids Due 01/07/2016
Department of Technology, Mgmt. & Budget, Design & Construction - Marquette Correctional Facility - Upgrade Perimeter Fencing and Warehouse Relocation Posted 11/23/2015 Bids Due 12/23/2015


City of Wentzville - Peruque-Valley-Park--Phase-1D3-Sports-Field-Construction Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
City of Columbia - Atkins Ballfield Fencing Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 01/26/2016
City of Raymore - Recreation-Park-Ball-Field-Renovations Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 12/30/2015


City of Chadron - Construction of the Chadron Municipal Pool Enclosure - General Construction Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 02/02/2016

New York

SUNY Stony Brook - Chain Link Fencing Services Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/22/2016
Nassau Community College - Rental of Chairs, Floor and Picket Fence for Graduation Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 01/07/2016
United Nations - Access-Control-Works Posted 12/05/2015 Bids Due 01/01/2016
MTA Long Island RR - 2 year-Contract-for-High-Security-Fencing Posted 12/05/2015 Bids Due 01/13/2016
New York City Dept. of Parks & Recreation (DPR) - Reconstruction-of-a-Portion-of-the-Synthetic-Turf-Ballfield-and-Running-Track-and-Installation-of-a-Thirty-Foot-High-Fence Posted 12/02/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016


DOC - Population Management Fence Project Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 12/18/2015


PennDOT - Security Fence Maintenance Server Farm Posted 12/11/2015 Bids Due 01/08/2016


OrDOT - ESB District 3 I-5 Mill Creek Anti-Climb Fence Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016


Rhode Island

City of Warwick - Purchase & Install Chain Link Fencing on an As Needed Basis Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/04/2016

South Carolina

Renewable Water Resources - Mauldin Road Corridor Fence Replacement Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
Horry County - 5J9-Perimeter Fencing Engineering/Design Services for HCDA Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
City of Myrtle Beach - Gates Posted 12/04/2015 Bids Due 12/22/2015
York County -- Concrete or Asphalt Driveway and a Fence Construction Posted 12/02/2015 Bids Due 12/21/2015
Lexington Soil & Water Conservation Dist - Installation of 4 Strands of Barbed Wire On Steel Posts, Wooden Corner Posts and One Fourteen Foot Heavy Duty Tube Gate Posted 12/03/2015 Bids Due01/02/2016


Town of Caryville - Fencing and Gates for Asbury Park Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 12/31/2015


Edinburg CISD - 16-99 CATS Field Events, Irrigation and Fencing Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
City of Kerrville - Request for Qualifications - Kerrville Youth Sports Complex Package B - Natural Grass Sports Field Construction Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
Aldine ISD - New-Installation-of-Chain-Link-Fence Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/08/2016
TxDOT - Demolition/New Construction of Security Fence--Jayton Maintenance Facility Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
Brazoria County - RFP#16-14 Security Fencing Around the New Facilities Management Building Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016
City of Grand Prairie - Fence Repairs & Replacements Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 12/30/2015
City of Irving - Fencing and Installation for Park Facilities Posted 12/04/2015 Bids Due 12/18/2015
Texas Juvenile Justice Department - Fence Detection Systems at TJJD Facilties in Brownwood, Edinburg, and Mart, Texas Posted 11/23/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016
City of Denton - *UPDATED* Construction of Substation Precast Security Fences Posted 11/26/2015 Bids Due 12/31/2015
Texas Dept of Criminal Justice - Install High Mast Lighting - 19 Bldg. & Perimeter Fence - Polunsky Unit Posted 11/23/2015 Bids Due 12/22/2015


City of West Jordan - Veterans Memorial Baseball Fencing Replacement Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/12/2016


*UPDATED* Steel Road Gates Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016


Roanoke County - Hourly Rate for Fencing Construction and Repair Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
Dinwiddie County - Fencing at Ford Manned Site Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 12/18/2015



Snohomish County PUD No. 1 - RFP - Olivia Park Substation New Fencing Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 12/22/2015
City of Tacoma - Wynoochee Residence Fencing Project (Re-Bid) Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/06/2016
Lewis County - 2014 Flexible Guidepost - Phase 1 Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/12/2016




WyDOT - Wood Sign and Fence Posts - Statewide Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016
WyDOT - *UPDATED* Fence Installation Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016
City of - Slat-Type-Snow-Fence-4-Ft Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/05/2016

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Railing-and-Gate-Repair-or-Replacement Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 12/21/2015

British Columbia

- Fencing-Replacement Posted 12/07/2015 Bids Due 01/08/2016


Saskatchewan Power Corporation - JP/174 - BDPS Fencing Signage Posted 11/26/2015 Bids Due 12/20/2015

   International - United Nations  

UK - Fencing-Railing-and-Safety-Equipment-Installation Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/27/2016


Classified Ads


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