November 6, 2015
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.
Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids


Solicitation Number: L16PS00023
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Land Management
Posted Date November 4, 2015

S--Headstones and flat markers setting, R&R for Houston National Cemetery.

Solicitation Number: VA78616R0004
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA National Cemetery Administration Centralized Contracting Division
Location:Houston, TX
...b. "Contractor Staging Area" fencing: ...
Posted Date November 4, 2015

Wildlife Exclusion Fence - Plant Materials Center

Solicitation Number: AG-4209-S-15-0001
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Location:Brooksville, Florida
Posted Date November 2, 2015

Boundary Channel Drive Vehicle Access Control Point, Pentagon, Washington, DC

Solicitation Number: W912DR-16-R-0003
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Washington, DC
Posted Date October 30, 2015


Solicitation Number: W912SV-16-R-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Posted Date October 30, 2015

Replace Boundary Fence

Solicitation Number: W912JA-15-B-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Posted Date October 30, 2015

State and Local Bids


Tuscaloosa Parks & Rec - Fencing Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015
City of Dothan - Chain Link Fencing for W Carroll Substation Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015


City of Fort Smith - Martin Luther King Park - Ballfield Reconstruction Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015
City of Fayetteville - Construction - Fencing for Parking Lot Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015


City of Tempe - Security-Upgrades--Police-Mounted-Unit-at-Kiwanis-Maintenance-Yard Posted 10/20/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015


Caltrans - Fence Installation, Reconstruction and Repair Services Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 12/03/2015
BART - Installation of Safety Barriers in Right of Way System wide Phase II Posted 11/01/2015 Bids Due 12/11/2015
City of South Lake Tahoe - Police Department Perimeter Security Fence Gate Project Posted 11/01/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
Department of Fish and Wildlife - Solicitation #P1599019 - New Security Gate Posted 10/22/2015 Bids Due 12/03/2015
California Highway Patrol - Solicitation #15C680002 - CHP EL CAJON GATE AND BAY DOOR MAINTENANCE Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/11/2015
California Highway Patrol - Solicitation #15C625000 - CHP EL CENTRO GATE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/11/2015
California Highway Patrol - Solicitation #15C650000 - CHP OCEANSIDE GATE AND BAY DOOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/11/2015
City of Santa Monica - Brivo System Security Gate Access Control System Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
California Highway Patrol - Solicitation #15C655002 - CHP SAN GORGONIO PASS GATE AND ROLL UP DOOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
Orange County Community College - OCC Softball Field Fence Relocation Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015
Kern High School District - North High School Modernization Chain-Link Fencing Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 12/09/2015
California Highway Patrol - Solicitation #15C620001 - CHP WINTERHAVEN GATE AND BAY DOOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015
Rosetta Canyon Sports Park Phase II Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
San Leandro Unified School District - Washington Elementary School Security Fencing Project Posted 10/26/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
Pajaro Valley Unified School District - New Chainlink Fencing & Gates Posted 10/26/2015 Bids Due 12/01/2015
Puente Hills Landfill Native Habitat Preservation Authority - Decorative Fence and Gates Design, Fabrication, and Installation At Hellman Park, Whittier Posted 10/24/2015 Bids Due 11/23/2015
Caltrans - Remove Slide Install RSP and Anchored Wire Mesh System Posted 10/21/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015
City of Glendale - CHAIN-LINK FENCE INSTALLATION Posted 10/15/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
Oxnard Union High School District - Remove and Replace Fencing At Specified Sites Posted 10/14/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
City of Costa Mesa - BID 15-15 Wrought Iron Fence Installation - Downtown Recreation Center Posted 10/05/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015


Town of Telluride - Telluride Town Park Tennis Court Replacement Project Posted 11/01/2015 Bids Due 11/23/2015
Boulder County - AHI and Lagerman Reservoir Open Space Trail Fence Installation Posted 11/01/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015
Norwood Fence Replacement Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015


Town of Clinton - Clinton Police Department 260 FT of Heavy Duty White PVC Privacy Fence (6ft in height) Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015


City of Holy Hill - Fence Replacement Public Works Compound Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 12/08/2015
City of Fort Lauderdale - Bid #253-11667 - Palm Aire Village West Fence (P10585) Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/30/2015
Florida A & M University - FAMU 800 Bed Dormitory Fence Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
Hillsborough County School Board - Fence Installation and Repair Services Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/11/2015 11/18/2015
City of Tallahassee - Fencing and Gates Posted 10/25/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015


Fayette County - RFQ #1044-A Fence Windscreens and Tops Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
Forsyth County Water Department - Providing all materials, equipment, and labor for Fence removal, installation, and repairs at various Forsyth County Water Department locations. Posted 10/23/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015
City of Norcross - Fence Installation Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/30/2015



KDOT - EVT0004045 -- Fence Construction - KDOT Lawrence Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
Kansas Highway Patrol - EVT0004051 -- Fence Construction - KHP Troop F, Kechi, Kansas Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015


Housing Authority of Russellville - Public Housing Modernization Project Posted 11/03/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015


TWO YEAR CONTRACT FOR PORTABLE FENCING. Posted 10/14/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
Contact Info


Massachusetts Military Division - Site work, Concrete forming, fencing Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015
Town of Tewksbury - Replace Chain Link Fencing and Backstops Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
City of Worcester - TRADE CONTRACTOR PACKAGES/P.O. # 902312 Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015
Town of Weston - DICKSON RIDING RINGS FENCE REPLACEMENT Posted 10/22/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
City of Revere - DPCD-2015-1016 Paws n Play Dog Park Fence Installation Posted 10/08/2015 Bids Due 11/06/2015


Saint Cloud State University - Husky Stadium Exit Gates Posted 10/24/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015


St. Joseph School District - Hosea Elementary School Fence Installation Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015


DOC - MSP Perimeter Fence Consultant Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015

New Hampshire

Installation and Continuation of Existing Fence Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/13/2015

New Jersey

Installation of a Chain Link Fence At Jennie Parker Manor Posted 10/28/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
Hamilton Township - Remove and Install Fence Posted 10/16/2015 Bids Due 10/28/2015 11/18/2015


New York

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe - Chain Link Fence Animal Control Program Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
Town of Oyster Bay - Purchase of Fence, Fabric & Fittings Posted 10/25/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015
New York City Dept. of Parks & Recreation (DPR) - Reconstruction of Pavements, Drainage Systems, Fences and Miscellaneous Site Work At Various Locations Posted 10/16/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015

North Carolina

Perimeter Fence Renovation Posted 11/03/2015 Bids Due 12/16/2015
University of North Carolina - Mary Ellen Jones Building Renovations - Fencing Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 12/03/2015

North Dakota

NdDOT - Grading Precast RCB Fencing Incidentals Posted 10/21/2015 Bids Due 11/13/2015


City of Columbus - S&D/ Fence Repair and Service Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/06/2015


City of San Marcos - Canadian Valley Technology Center Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015
University of Oklahoma - University of Oklahoma, Student Housing Expansion, Residential Colleges Posted 10/24/2015 Bids Due 11/19/2015


Upper Uwchlan Township Municipal Authority - Chain Link Fence Installation and Upland Farms Split Rail Fence Installation Posted 11/03/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
Pittsburgh Housing Authority (HACP) - Replacement of Four (4) Barrier Gates at Northview Heights Posted 11/03/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
Moscow Borough - BOROUGH BUILDING FENCE ADDITIONS Posted 10/26/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015

South Carolina

City of Mauldin - Fence Removal and Installation for Springfield Park Posted 11/05/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015
York County Board of Disabilities and Special Needs - Several updates at a residential location. These include the installation of a fence, upgrades to kitchen cabinets, hardware and counter tops Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/24/2015
Lancaster County School District - Invitation to bid on Fencing Repairs, Replacement & Installation Posted 09/25/2015 Bids Due 10/14/2015 10/28/2015 11/09/2015


City of Memphis - Procure Interior and Exterior Fence Repairs At the Organized Crime Unit Posted 11/05/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015
Shelby County Schools - Facilities Various PreK Locations Playground Fencing Install Posted 10/31/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015


Royse City Independent School District - FencingProjectsDistrictWide Posted 11/05/2015 Bids Due 12/03/2015
Port of Galveston - 2015 K4 Rated Slide Gate and Single Arm Barrier Gates Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
Brazos County - Fence Building Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
TxDOT - Guardrail Installation/Repair Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 12/02/2015
El Paso County - Diana Drive Traffic Barrier Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
San Antonio Independent School District - Ornamental Fencing Phase IV at 5 Campuses Posted 10/24/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
City of Laredo - Fence Repair & Installation Services - Airport Dept. Posted 10/20/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
Fort Bend - Fencing Equipment Services and Related Items Posted 10/21/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015



Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife - Methow Wildlife Area Methow Unit SSW Boundary / Interior Fence Posted 11/05/2015 Bids Due 12/17/2015
Snohomish County PUD - SWR - Casino Substation Fence Retrofit Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015
Snohomish County PUD - SWR - Halls Lake Switching Station Fence Retrofit Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015

Washington DC

Snohomish County PUD - Upgrade Fence At Saint Elizabeths Hospital Posted 11/03/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015


Town of Peshtigo - Fence for the Town Recycling Center Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee - 5970 - Repair and/or Replace Chain Link Fences at Scattered Sites properties Posted 10/15/2015 Bids Due 10/23/2015 11/06/2015


Saratoga - Encampment - Rawlins Conservation District - Barcus Peak Fence Posted 10/24/2015 Bids Due 11/06/2015

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Town Of Canmore-
Cougar Creek Rink Netting Modifications Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
Supply & Install Arm Gates for ECO Stations Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/26/2015
Timberlands North - Boundary Fencing (11/9) Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015



FENCING, CHAIN LINK Posted 10/26/2015 Bids Due 11/09/2015
Manitoba Housing - ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN AND FENCING FOR BRIDGWATER TRAILS PHASES 3, 4 & 5 Posted 10/19/2015 Bids Due 11/13/2015

New Brunswick

Wildlife Fencing - Route 11 - Gloucester County - NB Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/13/2015

Newfoundland & Laborador

St. Anthony Fence Rehabilitation Posted 11/05/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015


Town of Essex - Remove, Reuse and Install New Fencing for Dog Park Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/20/2015
Municipality of North Middlesex - Supply and Install Fencing (Batting cage) Posted 11/02/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015
Loyalist Township - Supply and Installation of Chain Link Fence and a Double Swing Gate at Violet Waste Disposal Site Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
Loyalist Township - Supply and Installation of Chain Link Fence and a Single Swing Gate at Willie Pratt Baseball Diamond B Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/10/2015
BN188647 Install Guide Rail, River Road Posted 10/29/2015 Bids Due 11/12/2015
City of Toronto - Non-exclusive the non-exclusive supply, delivery, installation, removal and disposal of Chain Link Fence Posted 10/27/2015 Bids Due 11/18/2015


Galvanized Chain Link Fence Posted 11/04/2015 Bids Due 11/16/2015
Saskatchewan Power Corporation - JP/171 - BDPS Security Fencing Posted 10/30/2015 Bids Due 11/17/2015
City of Saskatoon - KENSINGTON ALUMINUM FENCING Posted 10/15/2015 Bids Due 11/03/2015 11/09/2015


Classified Ads


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