December 9, 2016
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 ? Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council?s The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

 FenceWeek FenceTech Blog

FenceTech 2017 Blog ...
Fencetech is coming to San Antonio in February. Every year new products and promotions are introduced at the show. In this blog we will be looking at what will be happening at FenceTech. - Today we take a look at

Booth #1083 – DuraGates – High Performance, Enclosed Roller, Sliding Gate Hardware -- DuraGates enclosed track system helps comply with ASTM F2200 & UL325 safety standards. In addition to the enclosed carriages more

Booth #8103 -- Hebei Hopesun Industry & Trade Corp more

Booth #5068 - VEKA Outdoor Living Products VEKA Outdoor Living Products will introduce a new color to its Pinnacle laminate platform for fence and rail profiles more

Booth: #6065 -- Barcode Automation, Inc. For the 5th consecutive year, Barcode Automation, inc. – the leading manufacturer of Barcode Readers for Automatic Vehicle Identification, is sponsoring Fencetech. more

Booth #7073 - Stonewall Fence -- The product being displayed is a revolutionary new fence consisting of an 8’ X 6’ privacy panel that has a solid foam core and has a real stone finish. more

Federal Bids


Solicitation Number: F17PS00067
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: Stafford, Kansas
Posted Date December 9, 2016

IDIQ Construction

Solicitation Number: W911WN-17-R-8002
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Bronx NY
Posted Date December 8, 2016

N--Repair Perimeter Fence

Solicitation Number: VA24217Q0133
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Bronx VAMC (NAL)
Location:Bronx NY
Posted Date December 7, 2016

Y--Remove and Replace Fence - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge

Solicitation Number: F17PS00076
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location:Ouray National Wildlife Refuge UTAH
Posted Date December 7, 2016

Feral Hog Exclusion Fencing for Whitetail Deer Feeders - Laredo, TX

Solicitation Number: AG-6395-S-17-0029
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Location:Laredo, TX
Posted Date December 7, 2016


Solicitation Number: 40311200
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location: Sulphur, OK
Posted Date December 7, 2016

Z--Simplified Acquisition of Basic Engineering Requirements Contract, NMOKTX SABE

Solicitation Number: P17PS00215
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location:Santa Fe NM
Posted Date December 7, 2016


Solicitation Number:P16PC00440
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location:Yellowstone National Park, WY
Posted Date December 7, 2016

Air Force Vehicle Barrier Maintenance and Repair

Solicitation Number: FA8056-15-R-0004
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: AFICA
Location: Wright Patterson AFB, OHIO
Posted Date December 7, 2016


Solicitation Number: A17PS00101
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Location:Gallup New Mexico Posted Date December 7, 2016

Access Control Point at DLA Richmond VA

Solicitation Number: W91236-17-R-0003
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Richmond VA
Posted Date December 5, 2016

Y--Fargo National Cemetery Burial Ground Master Plan, Phase 1

Solicitation Number: VA786A16R0077
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA National Cemetery Administration Construction Support Division
Location:North Dakota
Posted Date December 2, 2016

Shoshone NF Fence Construction IDIQ

Solicitation Number: AG-8544-R-17-0003
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: Park, Hot Springs, and Fremont Counties Wyoming
Posted Date December 1, 2016

State and Local Bids


City of Mobile - Fence and Railing Repair and Painting Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/14/2016
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - Construction of the BAPH Green Space Fence Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016


City of Coolidge - Installation of a CMU-Block Fence At One (1) Single Family Dwelling (Garcia Project) Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 12/22/2016


Riverside Economic Develoment Agency - Request for Qualifications for Multi Prime Contractors Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2017
City of San Jose - Temporary Fencing Rental and Repair Services Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 12/22/2016
Demolition Project Di Giorgio Elem. School District - RFP - Fencing Construction & Demolition Project Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016
Sacramento Housing And Redevelopment Agency - El Parque Trash Enclosure Doors 2016 Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
Glendale Unified School District - Remove and Replace Existing Chain Link Fence Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016
City of Santa Clara - Fence Repair and Installation Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/29/2016
Orange County - Purchase and Assembly of Wind Fences at OC Landfills Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) - RFP - Rose Creek Bikeway Pedestrian Handrailing Posted 11/26/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) - Voigt Auxiliary Lane Guardrail Fencing Posted 11/26/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
City of Redondo Beach - Police Department Parking Lot Security Fence - Metal Fence and Gate Systems Project Posted 11/26/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
City of Rialto - Community Center Fence Project Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
Sacramento County - Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Perimeter Fence Alarm Posted 11/12/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016



Windsor Locks Public Schools - Chain Link Fence Replacement Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 12/28/2016
City of New Haven - Fence Fabrication Posted 11/28/2016 Bids Due 12/10/2016


City of Montrose - Dog Park Fencing Installation Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/21/2016
CODOC - Fence Materials Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
City of Montrose - Golf Course Driving Range Net Purchase Posted 11/29/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016
Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources - PMAA, 4271, Pitkin SFU 4-Strand Boundary Fencing Posted 10/28/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016


City of Tamarac - Sunset Point Park Playground Fence Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 12/21/2016
City of Cooper City - Ranch Style PVC Fence Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 01/12/2017
City of South Miami - Perimeter Fence Project at Dante Fascell Park Posted 11/30/2016 Bids Due 12/28/2016
Town of Davie - Wooden Horse Fence Installation At Robbins Park Posted 11/25/2016 Bids Due 12/20/2016
Broward County School Board - Supply, Install, and Repair Aluminum and Chain Link Fencing Posted 11/21/2016 Bids Due 12/31/2016
FDOT - E1Q51-R0 - Guardrail and Fence Repair in Hendry and Highlands Counties Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
Florida State University - FSU Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Building E - Fencing and Gates Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016


Paulding County School District - Fencing Services Posted 11/21/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016


Univeristy if Hawaii - Pearl City Urban Garden Center Perimeter Fencing Repairs Posted 11/24/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
HIDOT - Repair Fence at Kaunakakai Harbor, Kaunakakai, Molokai Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
HIDOT - Repair Fence At Pier 51 Container Yard, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017


Oak Park River Forest High School District 200 - Provide Fence Padding for Stadium and Practice Field Posted 12/02/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
Illinois Tollway - Fence Replacement and Signing Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017


Town of Dyer - Calumet Avenue Corridor Screening Project Posted 11/30/2016 Bids Due 12/23/2016



Appalachian Wildlife Center Elk Pen Posted 12/03/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
Barren Co. Sch. Dist. - Career & Technical Education Building - Athletic Field Replacement- Phase 2 Posted 11/30/2016 Bids Due 12/20/2016


Replace Shop Fence, Gunpowder Falls State Park * Re-bid * Posted 12/05/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017
MDDOT - Install and Repair Fencing Montgomery and Prince George's Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016


City of Boston - King's Chapel Burying Ground Historic Landscape Rehabilitation, Central Boston Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/22/2016
Town of Lexington - Replacement of existing fencing at the Center Recreation Complex Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/20/2016
MassDOT - Scheduled and Emergency Guardrail and Fencing Repairs and Improvements Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 04/25/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 608690 - Fencing Repairs and Improvements At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/21/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 606094 - Scheduled and Emergency Installation and Repair of Guardrail and Fencing At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/14/2017


City of Flint - Fencing and Gate Repair Services Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/22/2016


City of Minneapolis - Furnish/Install/Remove Chain Link Fencing Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/20/2016
MinnDOT - 160154 - High Tension Cable Barrier Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016


Forest City Housing Authority - Security Cameras and Monitoring System Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 01/12/2017


City of Lincoln - Chain Link Fence and Slide Gate Repairs Posted 12/03/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
City of Lincoln - Unit Price---Fencing Services Posted 11/24/2016 Bids Due 12/14/2016
City of Papillion- Schram Road Fencing---84th Street to 90th Street Re-Bid Posted 11/24/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016


Clark County - Install Fencing and Gates Variety School MPID 0013308 Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/27/2016
Clark County - Desert Tortoise Fence, Guards and Culvert Installation Posted 11/26/2016 Bids Due 12/30/2016

New Jersey

Morris Hills Regional Board of Education - Tennis Court Refurbishment Project Posted 11/23/2016 Bids Due 12/14/2016

New Mexico

Standing Rock Chapter The Navajo Nation - Installation of Fence Service for the Chapter House Compound Fence Project Posted 11/19/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016

New York

NYC Parks and Recreation - The Reconstruction of Perimeter Fencing and Walls At the Pool Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017
Village of Freeport - 2017 Annual Fence Contract Posted 11/25/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority - 4641 -- SECURITY FENCE EXTENSION Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016

North Carolina

North Carolina A & T State University - Sullivan Street Electronic Gate Purchase and Installation Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/19/2016
NCDOT Division 9 - Fence Installation and Repairs, As Needed - Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Rowan, Stokes Posted 11/26/2016 Bids Due 12/14/2016
Durham Parks and Recreation Dept. - Fence Improvements Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016


City of Columbus - R&P - Sports - Portable Fencing Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016


Union Public Schools - Union Elementary School #14 Project - Landscaping, Playgrounds, Fencing, Security and Structured Cabling Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 01/05/2017
Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation - Chain Link Fence 6' Posted 12/03/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
City of Collinsville - Ridgelawn Cemetery Improvements - City of Collinsville Posted 11/23/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016


Schuylkill County - Schuylkill County Airport Perimeter Fence - Phases I & II Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 01/04/2017
SEPTA - Fence Installation-61st & Pine Bus Loop Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/19/2016
Borough of Ellwood City - ITTSBURGH CIRCLE HERITAGE PARK CONTRACT Posted 11/23/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016
Washington County Housing Authority - Wash County HA Access Control System Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016


South Carolina

Clemson University - Horse Fencing - Clemson University Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 12/21/2016
Beaufort County - Fencing Repairs Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 12/14/2016
Coastal Carolina University - Provide, Deliver & Install Chain Link Fence & Safety Net At Golf Course Practice Facility Posted 12/08/2016 Bids Due 01/12/2017
Cherokee County School District - Replacement of Fencing At Blacksburg High School Softball Field Posted 11/30/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016


Odem-Edroy Independent School District - Fencing around Owl Stadium Posted 12/05/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
Fort Bend County - Summer Lakes Section Nine Fence Improvements Posted 11/20/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
City of Fort Worth - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport North Main Street Fencing Improvements Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016


City of West Bountiful - *UPDATED* Boundary Vinyl Fence Posted 11/28/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016


Virginia Dept. of Military Affairs - Fencing and Barriers Services Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016


Pierce County - Meridian Habitat Park Fencing Project Posted 12/07/2016 Bids Due 12/21/2016
Seattle Housing Authority - Bayview Tower New Security Gate and Main Entry Enclosure Posted 11/30/2016 Bids Due 12/27/2016


WYDOT - - Snow Fence Restoration Districts-2--4 Posted 11/24/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


British Columbia

School District 36 Surrey -
Prequalification of Fencing Contractors Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 12/20/2016
*UPDATED* West Security Fence Replacement Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 12/22/2016
BC Hydro - *UPDATED* John Lawson Substation--Fence Upgrade Posted 11/24/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016 12/19/16

Northwest Territories

Public Works and Services - Install a Fence in Norman Wells -- Inuvik, NT Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017 Contact Contract Administrator - 867-777-7146 -


District School Board of Niagara - Miscellaneous Landscaping Service, Fencing and Tree Removal Services Valued less than $25,000.00 Posted 12/06/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
Town of Huntsville - Supply and Deliver Materials for Security Fencing Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016


PMG Technologies Inc. - REPLACEMENT OF AN OUTER FENCE Posted 12/01/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016

   United Nations   

Classified Ads



Controlled Products Systems Group, industry leader in Safe Perimeter Access Solutions, is looking for a Branch Manager in our Chicago, IL location. The person must have Gate Automation or Access Control experience and knowledge in inventory management, management, sales and customer service. Ability to be a team player, work independently and self-motivated. Please send your resume to EOE.




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