January 15, 2016
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 � Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council�s FenceBids.net. The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Installation of Chain Link Fence

Solicitation Number: W912K6-16-Q-2006
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location:Middle River, Maryland
Posted Date January 14, 2016

Range Fencing and Vegetation Clearing Work

Solicitation Number: AG-3434-S-16-0006
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location:Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia
Posted Date January 14, 2016

Gates and Cattle Guards IDIQ

Solicitation Number: AG-8173-S-16-0011
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location:Springerville, Arizona
Posted Date January 11, 2016

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) of Government-Owned Facilities and Equipment, West Point Project, West Point, Georgia

Solicitation Number: W91278-16-R-0012
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: West Point, Georgia
Posted Date January 11, 2016

Upgrade Perimeter Security

Solicitation Number: RFPP04191600001
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Bureau of Prisons
Location:Thomson, Illinois
Posted Date January 8, 2016

State and Local Bids


City of Haleyville - Haleyville-Sports-Complex Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - BAPH-Green-Space-Fence Posted 12/14/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Dept. - 100819 - Hwy. 226-Hwy. 412 (Cable Median Barrier) Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/10/2016


Caltrans - District 12 - Fence Installation Service Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
San Mateo County Transit District - Right of Way Fencing Project Posted 01/12/2016 Bids Due 02/17/2016
Omnitrans - Permanent Fence San Bernardino Transit Center (SBTC) Posted 01/09/2016 Bids Due 02/02/2016
Azusa Unified School District - AUSD Fencing Improvements Posted 01/09/2016 Bids Due 02/02/2016
City of Ontario - Dog Park Fencing Services Posted 01/09/2016 Bids Due 02/12/2016
Lassen Union High School District - Security Fencing and Gates Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 03/01/2016
Placer County - Oncall Fence Repair Services Annual Contract Posted 01/04/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016
Caltrans - *UPDATED* Replace Damage Fence Including Remove Fence Posted 12/31/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016
City of Hanford Scott Street Basin Fencing Installation Project Posted 12/31/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016
City of Anaheim - *UPDATED* Furnish and Install Fence At Ross Park Posted 12/30/2015 Bids Due 01/31/2016
City of Santa Fe Springs - Heritage Park Perimeter Fence Repair Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 02/02/2016
City of San Leandro - Thrasher Park Play Equipment and Fence Project Posted 12/24/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016
Los Angeles Unified School District - Fencing Material (Chain Link) Posted 12/23/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016
Kern High School District - *UPDATED* Ornamental Iron Fencing Posted 12/22/2015 Bids Due 01/27/2016
Kern High School District - *UPDATED* Chain Link Fencing Posted 12/22/2015 Bids Due 01/27/2016
San Diego County - Fence-Installation-Reconstruction-and-Repair-Services Posted 12/19/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016
City of Menlo Park - Design--Community-Engagement-for-New--Renovated-City-Dog-Parks-and-Sports-Field Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/11/2016
City of El Cajon - *UPDATED* Dog Park Expansion Improvements Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 01/14/2016 01/20/2016
Los Angeles Unified School District - Chainlink-and-Ornamental-Fence-Repair-Services Posted 11/30/2015 Bids Due 01/08/2016 01/22/2016


City of East Hartford - East Hartford High School Tennis Court Renovation Work Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 02/09/2016
City of Stamford - Citywide Fence Installation Maintenance and Repair Services Posted 12/23/2015 Bids Due 01/26/2016



Saint Johns River Water Management District - Fencing Services District Wide Posted 01/13/2016 Bids Due 02/02/2016
City of New Smyrna Beach - Sports-Complex-Netting-System Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 02/23/2016
Seminole County - Purchase of Portable Fencing for Natural Turf Fields or the Seminole County Sports Complex Posted 12/24/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
FDOT - Security Fence Installation Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


GaDOT - Fencing Installation, Repair and Maintenance Services Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/10/2016
Georgia Dept. of Corrections - Perimeter Netting Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 01/29/2016


Kansas Dept. of Administration - Fencing Contract - Milford Wildlife Area Posted 01/13/2016 Bids Due 02/03/2016


IlDOT - Install Perimeter Fence on North Property Line Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Guardrail-and-Fence-Repairs Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Guardrail-and-Fence-Repairs Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
IlDOT - Removal-of-Right of way-Fence Posted 12/08/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


City of Springhill - New Recreation Complex Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/08/2016
Carlisle Community School District - Carlisle High School Softball Field Improvements Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
IaDOT - 970293714-Fencing Posted 12/20/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
IaDOT - 810203707-Fencing Posted 12/20/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016


Jefferson Parish - Installation-of-Eight-8-New-Automated-Gate-Openers-for-the-Jefferson-Parish-Department-of-Streets Posted 12/10/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016



City of Penobscot - Fencing Posted 12/28/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016


Frederick County - Adult Detention Center Sally Port Expansion Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/17/2016
Harford Community College - IFB 16B-005 Softball Field Fence Fabric Removal and Replacement with Chain Link Fencing Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 02/09/2016
*UPDATED* Security Fence Upgrades at Victor Cullen Academy (ZV-000-160-003)(SBR) Posted 12/31/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016


Town of Braintree - Installation of 6' Chain Link Fence Posted 01/08/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2016
MBTA - Rehabilitation of Franklin Line over Guild Street MBTA Posted 12/26/2015 Bids Due 01/25/2016


Facility - Perimeter Enhancements Phase Two Posted 12/31/2015 Bids Due 01/27/2016


Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) - 2016 Security Gate Upgrades Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/16/2016


Moniteau County Sheriff's Dept. - Install Chain Link Fence Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
MoDOT - Vinyl Fence Removal and Replacement Posted 01/13/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2016
City of Wentzville - Peruque-Valley-Park--Phase-1D3-Sports-Field-Construction Posted 12/16/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
City of Columbia - *UPDATED* Atkins Ballfield Fencing Posted 12/12/2015 Bids Due 01/26/2016


City of Chadron - Construction of the Chadron Municipal Pool Enclosure - General Construction Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 02/02/2016


City of Las Vegas - *UPDATED* Summerlin Parkway Cable Barrier Safety Rail Posted 12/29/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016

New York

New York State Office Of Parks, Recreation And Historic Preservation - Rehabilitation of Basketball & Handball Court at Gantry Plaza State Park, Borough of Queens, New York Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 02/25/2016
Town of North Hempstead - Installation of Fencing at Various Town Facilities DPW PROJ. No. 16-01 Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 02/04/2016
Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) - Chain Link Fence Posted 01/11/2016 Bids Due 02/04/2016
Town of Mastic Beach - Installation of Fencing Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016
SUNY Stony Brook - Chain Link Fencing Services Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/22/2016

North Carolina

Wake Technical Community College - *UPDATED* Main Campus Parking Lot S - Site Work, Paving, Demo, Fencing Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016
NcDOT - Guardrail/Guiderail/Fence Installation & Maintenance Posted 01/13/2016 Bids Due 02/03/2016


Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport - Furnish and Install Perimeter Fencing and Gates Posted 01/09/2016 Bids Due 01/15/2016
City of Upper Arlington - Ball-Diamond-Improvements-At-Fancyburg-Park Posted 01/06/2016 Bids Due 01/29/2016


City of Oklahoma City - FEMA 4222 Storm Damage - Fence Repair At Various Locations Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/16/2016
City of Chickasah - Sports Complex PVC and Chain Link Fence Posted 01/05/2016 Bids Due 01/25/2016
Oklahoma Military Dept - Repair/Modernize Norman Combined Support and Maintenance Shop (CSMS) - Bid Package #32B - Chain Link Fences & Gates Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
City of Muskogee - Martin Luther King Center - Second Bid - Landscaping & Fencing Only Posted 12/30/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016


OrDOT - ESB District 3 I-5 Mill Creek Anti-Climb Fence Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016


Township of Bensalem - New and Replacement Fence Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016


South Carolina

Renewable Water Resources - *UPDATED* Mauldin Road Corridor Fence Replacement Posted 12/18/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
Horry County - 5J9-Perimeter Fencing Engineering/Design Services for HCDA Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016


Lincoln County - Install Perimeter and Miscellaneous Fencing Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
City of Gallatin - Public Works Facility Fence Posted 01/13/2016 Bids Due 01/26/2016
Moore County Schools - Replacement of the Outfield Fence of the MCHS Baseball Field Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016


Walmart - Walmart SC#2834 Posted 01/15/2016 Bids Due 02/09/2016
Round Rock Independent School District - Facility Maintenance Service - Fence Installation Posted 01/08/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
Birdville Independent School District - 043-16 Haltom High School Band Fence Posted 01/04/2016 Bids Due 01/19/2016
Trophy Club Municipal Utility Dist. 1 - Fence Construction At Lift Station #6 and #7 Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 02/01/2016
TxDOT Install Gate and Opener- Dumas, Panhandle, Darrauzett, and Gruver Maintenance Facilities Posted 12/31/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
City of Cotulla - *UPDATED* Purchase and Install Fencing Replacement At Its Wastewater Treatment Plant Posted 12/30/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016
VA-Amarillo-East-Security-Fence Posted 12/20/2015 Bids Due 01/29/2016
City of Kerrville - Request for Qualifications - Kerrville Youth Sports Complex Package B - Natural Grass Sports Field Construction Posted 12/17/2015 Bids Due 01/15/2016
TxDOT - Demolition/New Construction of Security Fence--Jayton Maintenance Facility Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/20/2016


Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation - Rotary Park Fencing Posted 01/08/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016
Snohomish County PUD No. 1 - - QuilCeda-Substation-Fence-Retrofit Posted 01/04/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016
King County - *UPDATED* King-County-International-Airport-Perimeter-Security--Barriers Posted 12/29/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016
Washington Fish and Wildlife Department - Sinlahekin Wildlife Area Chillwist Unit Boundary/Interior Fencing 2 Posted 12/30/2015 Bids Due 01/21/2016

West Virginia

CEOI- A&E Services-Robert Shell-Security Enhancements Posted 01/08/2016 Bids Due 02/11/2016


Dane County - Erosion Control Devices & Plastic Snow Fence Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 02/04/2016


WyDOT - 16-100DA - Round Plastic Fence Posts - Basin and Wheatland Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 02/03/2016
Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails - Whiskey Gulch Entrance Station Project At Glendo State Park Posted 01/08/2016 Bids Due 01/28/2016
WyDOT - *UPDATED* Fence Installation Posted 12/09/2015 Bids Due 01/19/2016

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Fencing Requirements 2016 Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 01/26/2016

British Columbia

City of Campbell River - RFP - Beaver Lodge Lands Reservoir Fencing Posted 01/14/2016 Bids Due 01/22/2016


City of Gallatin - Install and Upgrade New Security Gate Posted 01/12/2016 Bids Due 01/22/2016


Fence Outfall Line, CFB Shilo, Manitoba Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 01/21/2016

   International - United Nations  

UK - Installation of acoustic fence at Great Homer Street Market -- Liverpool Posted 01/07/2016 Bids Due 01/15/2016
UK - Fencing-Railing-and-Safety-Equipment-Installation Posted 12/15/2015 Bids Due 01/27/2016


Classified Ads


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