November 18, 2016
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 ? Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council?s The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Mechanical Maintenance Services, Murphy Federal Records Center, Waltham, MA Sources Sought (FY17)

Solicitation Number: GS-01P-17-BW-D-0035
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location:Waltham, MA
...7. Locks, keycard systems, vehicle barrier systems and static and dynamic bollard systems. ...
Posted Date November 17, 2016


Solicitation Number: DTFAAC-16-R-07873
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Location: Puerto Rico
Posted Date November 16, 2016


Solicitation Number: AG-94TZ-S-16-0066
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: Kaibab National Forest Arizona
Posted Date November 16, 2016

Area Fencing and Lighting Repair

Solicitation Number: FA3022-17-R-0003
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Education and Training Command
Location: Columbus AFB, Mississippi
Posted Date November 15, 2016

Install Chain-link Fence, Tracy Western Switchyard

Solicitation Number: R17PS00009
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Reclamation
Location:Byron, California
Posted Date November 15, 2016


Solicitation Number: HSCG2717QPCV151
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia
Posted Date November 15, 2016

Sole Source to Hunter Security, Inc. for Gate Maintenance at the Mobile Division

Solicitation Number: DJF-17-3490-PR-0013519
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Location:Mobile, Alabama
Posted Date November 14, 2016



Solicitation Number: AG-8173-S-17-0004
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location:Apache, Navajo, & Coconino Counties Arizona
Posted Date November 10, 2016

J--Repair Perimeter Fence

Solicitation Number: VA24217N0095
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Bronx VAMC (NAL)
Location:Bronx NY
Posted Date November 9, 2016

State and Local Bids


University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - Construction of the BAPH Green Space Fence Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016


Pocahontas Municipal Airport - Airport Engineering Services for Security Fencing Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/08/2016
Central Arkansas Water - Fencing With Installation At the Jack H. Wilson Water Treatment Plant Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 11/23/2016
Springdale Public Housing Agency - Power Washing the Existing Privacy Fencing and Replacing Warped/Damaged Boards As Needed and Painting the Steel Fencing Posted 11/01/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016


Yuma Union High School District - Fencing Services Posted 10/30/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
City of Scottsdale - RFP - Scottsdale Stadium Wall Pad and Vinyl Replacement Project Posted 10/29/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016


City of Rialto - Community Center Fence Project Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
City of Needles - Needles Public Works Yard Fencing 2016 Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
Torrance Unified School District - *UPDATED* Security Fencing Project, Phase 2 *RE-BID* Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Vallejo City Unified School District - Supply and Install Various Types of Fencing Materials and Gates At Various Locations Within The District Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency - 801 12th Street Entry Gate 2016, 801 12th Street Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Sacramento County - Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center Perimeter Fence Alarm Posted 11/12/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016
Grossmont Union High School District - *UPDATED* CN-690 Unit Price Fencing Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
Orange County - Paularino Gate Improvements -- John Wayne Airport Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
City of Laguna Niguel - Rancho Niguel Park Chain Link Fence Installation Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016
Tulare City School District - Installation of Commercial Gate Operator With Telephone Entry System At Alpine Vista School Posted 11/06/2016 Bids Due 12/06/2016
City of Westlake Village - Westlake Village Community Park Phase IIB Park Improvements Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
City of San Jose - Arcadia Softball Facility Posted 11/03/2016 Bids Due 11/18/2016
City of Santa Clara - Wildlife Friendly Fencing at Grant County Park Posted 10/29/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority - Fencing Posted 10/29/2016 Bids Due 11/18/2016
Ventura County Community College District - *UPDATED* Ventura College Fencing Project Posted 10/24/2016 Bids Due 11/10/2016 11/21/2016
City of San Francisco - The Mexican Museum Project: Roll-Up Doors, Dock Levelers, Gates-Fencing and Metal Panels Posted 10/04/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016


City of Waterbury - Hamilton Park Fence Replacement Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016
Team, Inc - *UPDATED* Play Area Fencing Posted 11/08/2016 Bids Due 11/19/2016 11/21/2016


CODOT - Reconstruction, Widening, and Snow Fence Project Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources - PMAA, 4271, Pitkin SFU 4-Strand Boundary Fencing Posted 10/28/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
City of Colorado Springs - *UPDATED* NS Bluestem Prairie Fence Installation Posted 10/26/2016 Bids Due 11/08/2016 11/22/2016


City of Dover - RFC Install Electric Gate With Remote-denton AE&M Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 12/07/2016


FDOT - E1Q51-R0 - Guardrail and Fence Repair in Hendry and Highlands Counties Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
Manatee County - Portable Litter Containment Fencing Units Posted 11/12/2016 Bids Due 11/18/2016
Florida State University - FSU Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Building E - Fencing and Gates Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
City of Auburndale - Construction of a Decorative Fence Auburndale Memorial Park Cemetery Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
City of Lakeland - Bid No. 6335a Annual Contract for Repairs, Replac and Inst of Le Owned Fences Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016
Duval County Public Schools - Chain Link Fence Parts Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
City of Daytona Beach Shores - Daytona Beach Shores Community Center - Phase 1 - 2C Chain Link Fencing Posted 11/01/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
City of Lakeland - *UPDATED* Security Fencing Improvements Posted 10/24/2016 Bids Due 11/23/2016


GADOT - T32-D1-Fencing Area One - 41770 Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 11/23/2016


HIDOT - Repair Fence at Kaunakakai Harbor, Kaunakakai, Molokai Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
HIDOT - Repair Fence At Pier 51 Container Yard, Honolulu Harbor, Oahu Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017
Kauai County - *UPDATED* Vinyl Fencing at Waioli Town Park Posted 10/20/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016


City of Rockford - FIRE STATION NO. 7 FENCE INSTALLATION, 1116-PW-132 Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/07/2016
University of Illinois - Remove and Replace Fence Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/08/2016
Illinois Tollway - Fence Replacement and Signing Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 01/10/2017



Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District - Electric Gate & Fence Repair Service Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016


Jefferson Parish - Replace and Paint All Exisiting Fence Posts and Backstop On Field Number 1 At the At Terrytown Playground Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/02/2016


MDDOT - Install and Repair Fencing Montgomery and Prince George's Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
MDDOT - Repair And/or Replace Fencing Various Locations Carroll, Frederick and Howard Counties Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016


City of Fall River - Baseball Field Renovations Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016
MassDOT - Scheduled and Emergency Guardrail and Fencing Repairs and Improvements Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 04/25/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 608690 - Fencing Repairs and Improvements At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/21/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 606094 - Scheduled and Emergency Installation and Repair of Guardrail and Fencing At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/14/2017


Pearl River County - Fence Materials: Post, Timber and Wire Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/07/2016


Omaha Public Power District - RFP - S1220 Installation of Isolation Fence Panel Adj To Subst Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016

New Jersey

Morris County Housing Authority - *UPDATED* Replacement of Concrete Sidewalks and Curbs, Dumpster Fencing and Ada Curb Ramps Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
Housing Authority of the City of Hoboken - TASK ORDER #4 (RE-BID) REPLACEMENTS OF PARKING LOT GATES AT - ADAMS GARDENS - FOX HILL GARDENS Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 12/08/2016
Township of Wayne - *UPDATED* Mountain View WPCF Fence Operator Installation and Replacement REBID Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Toms River Regional Schools - *UPDATED* GRDS-04 Fence Materials Posted 11/03/2016 Bids Due 11/23/2016

New York

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority - 4641 -- SECURITY FENCE EXTENSION Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/12/2016
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - Provide Fabrication and Installation of Fence Banners at WTC Construction Site Posted 11/03/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016

North Carolina

Durham Parks and Recreation Dept. - Fence Improvements Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/09/2016


City of Dayton - IFB D16015 -- Fabricated Stainless Steel Slide Gate Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016
Lake Metroparks - *UPDATED* Penitentiary Glen Reservation Nature Play Fencing Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
City of Cleveland - Labor and Materials for the Materials, Repair and Installation of Gates Posted 10/21/2016 Bids Due 11/18/2016


Pittsburg County - Construction of chain link fence Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016
Stroud Public Schools - High School Track Viewing Area Re-bid - Bid Package 2B Fences & Gates Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016


Washington County Housing Authority - Wash County HA Access Control System Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/13/2016
Moon Area School District - Fencing - Allard Elementary School Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016

South Carolina

City of Spartanburg - Chain Link Fencing At 305 W. Henry Street Office Posted 11/08/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
Spartanburg County School District 6 - Fencing Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016
Juvenile Justice - DJJ GATE OPERATOR QUOTE Posted 10/24/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016



*UPDATED* Security Perimeter Fence * Re-bid * Posted 11/18/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016


Bexar County - Erection of boundary fencing Posted 11/17/2016 Bids Due 12/06/2016
Community Associations of The Woodlands, Parks & Recreation - 2017 Tennis Court Fence Replacement Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/08/2016
City of Rowlett - Rowlett Police Department Security Fence Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Galveston County - Lago Mar POD 7 Perimeter Fencing Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 12/05/2016
City of Fort Worth - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport North Main Street Fencing Improvements Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 12/15/2016
Imperial Redevelopment District - Imperial-Section 2A Fencing - Fencing Improvements Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
TXDOT - RFC Install Electric Gate With Remote-denton AE&M Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 12/07/2016
Dallas Housing Authority - Replacement of Wood Fences At Single Family Homes Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
City of Houston - Metal and Wood Fence Installation and Repair Services for Various Departments Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016
Plano Independent School District - Chain Link Fencing Posted 11/03/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
Texas Tech University - Paint, Bird Deterrent System, Final Clean, Waterproofing, Site Fencing, Brick Pavers, and Millwork for the Texas Tech Sports Performance Center Posted 11/02/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016


Duchesne School District - Altamont High School Sports Fields Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016
Utah State University - Interior Fencing Posted 11/10/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016


VDOT - Imperial-Section 2A Fencing - Fencing Improvements Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
VDOT - Fencing for Pedestrian Bridge and Roadway - Small Business Set-aside Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016
Virginia Dept. of Military Affairs - Fencing and Barriers Services Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 12/16/2016
City of Richmond - IFB H160019102R - Overhead Door and Gate Inspection, Maintenance and Repair Services Posted 11/02/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016
VDOT - *UPDATED* Fence and Gate Maintenance and Repair Posted 11/01/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016


City of Seattle - Fencing Services Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 12/07/2016
City of Centralia - 1403 S. Tower Fencing Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 11/30/2016

West Virginia

WVDOC - *UPDATED* Fencing Materials Posted 11/05/2016 Bids Due 12/02/2016
*UPDATED* Surplus Property Perimeter Fence Replacement Project Posted 11/02/2016 Bids Due 12/06/2016


Monroe County Highway Department - Sparta Chain Link Fence Posted 11/04/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016


WYDOT - Slat Type Snow Fence Posted 11/11/2016 Bids Due 12/01/2016

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   



Michener Centre North Security Fence 2016 Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 11/29/2016
Municipal District of Provost #52 - Fencing Requirments 2017 Posted 11/16/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016

British Columbia

Village of Anmore - *UPDATED* Chain Link Fence Supply & Install Posted 10/31/2016 Bids Due 11/09/2016 11/21/2016

Nova Scotia

East Hants, Municipality - *UPDATED* Fencing for Burntcoat Head Park Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 11/22/2016


Town of Pelham - 016-PW-51 (REC-02-16) Gates for Rail Trail Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 11/28/2016


Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions - Motorize Security Gates Posted 11/14/2016 Bids Due 12/05/2016
Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions - Installation of New Barriers (7 Sites) Posted 11/15/2016 Bids Due 12/02/2016
The Jacques-Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. - Replacement With Enhancement Of Snow Fences Between The Axes 30 & 38 (2016-2017) Posted 11/09/2016 Bids Due 11/21/2016


*UPDATED* Construct High Security Fence Across Exercise Yard Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 11/24/2016
City of Regina -
*UPDATED* Portable Litter Fences - Regina Fleet Street Landfill Posted 10/26/2016 Bids Due 11/15/2016 11/22/2016

   United Nations   

United Kingdom

Forestry Commission -
Forestry Services Posted 10/11/2016 Bids Due 11/24/2016

Classified Ads




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