December 29, 2017
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 ? Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council?s The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

Repair Fence Hurricane Irma

Solicitation Number: FA6648-18-R-0002
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Reserve Command
Location: Homeastead Air Reserve Base , Florida
Posted Date December 28, 2017


Solicitation Number: 12817318B0003
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location: Apache, Greenlee, Navajo, and Coconino Counties, Arizona
Posted Date December 28, 2017

J--Services: Repair Active Vehicle Barriers

Solicitation Number: 36C24818Q0127
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Orlando VAMC
Location: Orlando FL
Posted Date December 28, 2017

Install Security Fencing Around Critial Utilities

Solicitation Number: W911SA-18-B-2008
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, MICC
Location: Sloan, Nevada
Posted Date December 28, 2017


Solicitation Number:140A0318P0029
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Location: New Mexico
Posted Date December 27, 2017


Solicitation Number: 140A0318Q0015
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Indian Affairs
Location: New Mexico
Posted Date December 27, 2017

56--Fence parts

Solicitation Number: N4008518RC00029
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Supply Systems Command
Location: Norfolk, VA
Posted Date December 22, 2017


Security Fence & Window Bar

Solicitation Number: W91QVN-18-R-0035
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, CSBs
Location:South Korea
Posted Date December 21, 2017

State and Local Bids


University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa - BAPH Green Space Fence Posted 12/18/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018


Helena-West-Helena School District - Helena/West Helena High School - Fencing Posted 12/25/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018


City of Mesa - Automated Driveway Gate Operators & ADA Doors Preventive Maintenance & Repair Service Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
Fort Defiance Chapter - Provide and Install Chain Link Fencing Materials Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 12/29/2017
AZDOT - Remove and Install Fence Posted 12/05/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2018
AZDOT - Fence Replacement Posted 12/01/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018


City of Santa Rosa - Minor Gate And Fence Repair Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 01/02/2018
Caltrans - 08-0R3404 - Bridge Rehabilitation and Upgrade Bridge Railing To Standards Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 02/07/2018
Caltrans - 02-4G5504 - Reconstruct with HMA and PCC, Widen Structure and Upgrade Rails Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 02/07/2018
City of Redding - RFP - Cascade Reservoir Fence Installation Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/16/2018
City of Beverly Hills - Foundation Upgrade & Perimeter Fence Replcament Project Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018
City of Riverside - Riverside Substation Metal Gate Replacement Project Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018
Caltrans - Fence Installation, Reconstruction and Repair Services Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
City of Freemont - Animal Shelter Remodel Project Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2018
Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency - 3929 48th Avenue Security Improvements Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 01/22/2018
Manhattan Beach Unified School District - JV Softball Backstop Posted 12/16/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018
Sunline Transit Agency - *UPDATED* Request for Qualifications - Fencing Wall Engineering Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018
Merced County - Bid 7235 Install Privacy Chain Link Fence Posted 12/05/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
City of Carlsbad - *UPDATED* Fire Station Nos. 1, 4 & 5 Security Fencing Posted 12/04/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018 01/09/2018
Campbell Union High School District - New Security Fencing Installation At Del Mar High School Posted 11/29/2017 Bids Due 01/08/2018


District of Columbia

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority - 1-18-C058: Security Fence Replacement, National Airport Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 02/01/2018


Miami-Dade County - Hurricane Irma - Multiple Parks Fencing Repairs - North Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2018
Lee County - Roof, siding, plumbing, electric, HVAC, Carpentry, flooring, cabinets, paint, demolition, screen and fence Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2018
Seminole Tribe of Florida - Fence and Roof Replacement Services (Tamiami Trail East) Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2018
University of Florida - PIpe & Cable Feedlot Fence for UF Beef Teaching Unit Posted 12/24/2017 Bids Due 01/13/2018
Miami-Dade County - Hurricane Irma - Fence Repairs At Multiple Parks - South Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2018
Miami-Dade County - Hurricane Irma - Fence Repairs At Multiple Parks - Central Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2018
Sarasota County - Fence Restorations Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018
City of Plant City - Pistol Range Fencing Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
Pinellas County School Board - RFQ - Fencing Materials Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/19/2018
Orlando Utilities Commission - FRP-Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Fencing Services Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/17/2018
City of Miami Beach - Fencing Services Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 01/19/2018
Miami-Dade County BOCC, Parks & Recreation - Asian Elephant Caging Posted 12/17/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
City of Fort Walton Beach - ITB - Fencing Replacement & Installation Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018
City of Sunrise - *UPDATED* Fence at Fire Station 92 *REBID* Posted 12/13/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2018
City of Bradenton - Fence Replacements Posted 12/04/2017 Bids Due 01/17/2018
City of Lake City - Security Fence Installation At the Lake City Gateway Airport Posted 11/28/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
Volusia County - Beach Gates Posted 11/27/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018


City of Clarkston - Friendship Forest Wildlife Sanctuary Park Renovation Posted 12/08/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018


Hawaii Dept. of Transportation - Security Fence Enhancements Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 12/29/2017
Maui County - Kahului WWRF Facility Fencing Improvements Posted 11/24/2017 Bids Due 12/20/2017 01/09/2018


Idaho Dept. of Transportation - *UPDATED* A019(926) - Cold Milling and Inlay, Including Pavement Markings, Traffic Control, Replacing Wild Life Fencing and Jump Outs Posted 12/29/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
Idaho Department of Fish and Game - DFG Project No. 2016-143 Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018


City of Countryside - Fencing & Gates Posted 12/29/2017 Bids Due 01/30/2018
ILDOT - 013-64M58 - "On Call" Guardrail and Fence Repairs Along Various Routes Posted 12/13/2017 Bids Due 01/19/2018
ILDOT - 012-64M57 - "On Call" Guardrail and Fence Repairs Along Various Routes Posted 12/13/2017 Bids Due 01/19/2018


Indiana Department of Transportation - T -40121-A - New Cable Rail Barriers Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018


Jefferson County Public Schools - Fence Parts Posted 12/24/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018


Cameron Parish School Board - Johnson Bayou School New Fencing II Posted 12/29/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2018
Airport Authority of Airport District No. One of Calcasieu Parish - Airport Wildlife Hazard Airport Wildlife Hazard Mitigation Fencing Phase IV Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 01/17/2018
Fence - LDH Posted 12/18/2017 Bids Due 01/05/2018
City of Walker - Walker Baseball Field Fencing Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018


Carroll County - *UPDATED* Furnish and Install Fencing at Various Carroll County Parks - 36-F-2-17/18 Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018


Town of Barnstable - *UPDATED* 2018 Barnstable High School Spectator Stands and Backstop Replacement Project Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
West Boylston - Medical and Intake Building Worcester County Jail Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018
City of Chelsea - *UPDATED* Mystic River Overlook Dog Park Posted 12/08/2017 Bids Due 12/21/2017 01/04/2018 01/11/2018


Michigan Department of Transportation - 53000-129325- Bridge Removal and Replacement With Galvanized Steel Beams, Hot Mix Asphalt Paving, Earthwork and Approach Work On Custer Road Over Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2018
Northview Public Schools - DESIGN/BUILD Softball/Baseball Field Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 02/08/2018
Michigan Department of Transportation - *UPDATED* 034, 38101-202102, 1800159 - 1.60 Mi of Removal and Replacement of Fencing and Clearing Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/05/2018
Ionia County - 2018 Seasonal Requirements for Materials Posted 12/12/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2017


Jefferson County - RFP - ANIMAL RESOURCE CENTER FENCE INSTALLATION 2018 Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018



Nebraska Dept. of Roads - 105, 1360X, M-80-8(1045) - Guard Rail and Fence Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018


The Nature Conservancy (TNC) - Construction of a Livestock Fence Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/08/2018
City of Las Vegas - Douglas Selby Park Fence Posted 11/29/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018

New Hampshire

City of Dover - RFP - Fence at McConnell Center Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018

New Mexico

Fencing Materials & Installation Posted 12/29/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018

New York

New York State Dept. of Transportation - D263555 - Maintenance Repair of Guide Rail Barrier, Fencing, Signs, and Other Roadside Appurtenances Posted 12/28/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2018
Clarkstown Central School District - *UPDATED* Fencing Repair and Replacement Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
Cornell University - Capital Projects and Planning - New York State Agricultural Experiment Station Deer Fencing Replacement 2018 Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018
Town of Babylon - BID #17G106 FENCING & FENCING COMPONENTS Posted 12/14/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018

North Carolina

Raleigh Convention Center - Fence Service for Walnut Creet Amphitheater (RFP) Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018
City of North Charleston - Construct Basketball Court At Waylan Park Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018
City of Raleigh - Perimeter Fence at Neuse River Resource Recovery Facility Mandatory Conf/Site Visit: 12/21/2017 Bid Agent Jason Waters 919-996-3710 Posted 12/13/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018
NCDOT - Division 13 - DM00236 - Structure Railing, Sidewalk, Curb Ramps, and Guardrail Posted 12/11/2017 Bids Due 01/17/2018
City of Raleigh - *UPDATED* Marsh Creek Operations Fence Replacement Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 01/05/2018
Wake County Public School System - East Wake Middle School Project - BP3231 - Fences & Gates Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 02/23/2018


Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority - CBMF - Vertical Pivot Entry Gates Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018


Depew Public Schools ISD # 012 - Elementary School Remodel & Additions - Bid Package 2E Chain Link Fence & Gates Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018


Clearfield-Lawrence Township Jt Airport Authority - Remove Tree Obstructions in Fence Line and Replace Fence Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2018


Rhode Island

City of Providence - Fencing Improvemnts At Locust Grove Posted 12/16/2017 Bids Due 01/08/2018

South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Corrections - Security Perimeter Netting System At Evans Correctional Institution Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/16/2018

South Dakota

City of Sioux Falls - Fence Replacement Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018
City of Sioux Falls - Portable Litter Fence Panels Posted 12/25/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018


City of McMinnville - Skate Park Fencing Posted 12/27/2017 Bids Due 01/11/2018
*UPDATED* Ornamental Fence and Gate - Military Posted 12/24/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018
Macon County School District - New Security Fencing (chain Link) Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2018
Unicoi County Sheriff's Dept. - Construction of Perimeter Fence Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2018


TXDOT Dallas District - Replace Turndowns and Upgrade Guardrail Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2018
TXDOT Dallas District - Replace Turndowns and Upgrade Guardrail Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 02/01/2018
TXDOT Dallas District - Guard Fence & Cable Repair Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 02/01/2018
City of Edinburg - Will Looney Memorial Park Fencing Project Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/02/2018
City of Addison - Fencing Rentals and Services Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018
Marble Falls Independent School District - Bus Maintenance and Parking Facility Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2018
City of Amarillo - Portable Bull Litter Fence Annual Contract Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018
TXDOT - Replace Gates & Gate Operators Posted 12/16/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2018
City of Edinburg - WILL LOONEY MEMORIAL PARK FENCE PROJECT Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/02/2018
Kelly Lane WCID No. 1 - Avalon Phase 17 Masonry Fence Improvements Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2018
City of Corpus Christie - *UPDATED* NASCC Fence Replacement Project Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 12/20/2017 01/10/2018
TXDOT - *UPDATED* 6322-29-001 - State Let Maintenance Contract, Comal Co, Guardral Repair *RE-BID* Posted 12/05/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018
The North Texas Tollway Authority - Metal Beam Guard Fence Materials at 5900 W Plano Pkwy Posted 12/01/2017 Bids Due 01/08/2018
TXDOT - 6325-38-001 - Guard Fence & Cable Repair Posted 11/28/2017 Bids Due 01/05/2018


UDOT - Region 4 Fencing Installation & Repair Services Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/02/2018
City of West Jordan - A Vinyl Fence With Brick Pillars Posted 12/18/2017 Bids Due 01/04/2018


Roanoke Regional Airport Commission - Demolition and Replacement of Wooden Fencing Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/19/2018
Prince William County - Landfill Litter Fence Installation Posted 12/18/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018


City of Woodinville - Fence Repair At Northeast 171st Street and 140th Avenue Northeast Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 01/03/2018
Lewis County - Area 5 Fence & Gate Project Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/05/2018
Pierce County - Heritage Recreation Center Ball Control Netting Replacement Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018

West Virginia

WVDOT - 1704627 2017 D3 Guardrail IDIQ Posted 11/30/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018
WVDOT - 1704626 2017 D2 Guardrail Posted 11/30/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018


Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation - Living Snow Fence Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 12/29/2017
City of Madison - 2018 Parks Division Fencing and Backstops Posted 11/08/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2018


WYDOT - Slat Type Snow Fence - Casper Posted 12/29/2017 Bids Due 01/16/2018

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   



City of Edmonton -
Request for Quote - Fence Posts and Herbicides Posted 12/26/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018
City of Calgary - Fence Posts and Herbicides -AB Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018

British Columbia

British Columbia Ferry Services - Fencing Upgrades at Various Ferry Terminals Posted 12/24/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2018
City of Langley - *UPDATED* Rotary Centennial Park Sports field Renovation Posted 12/22/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Supply & Delivery of 1220 Split Cedar Rails (Victoria, BC) Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/09/2018
City of New Westminster - *UPDATED* Tennis Court Rehabilitation - Ryall Park and Hume Park Posted 12/16/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018

Northwest Territories

Fencing Services Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/18/2018

Nova Scotia

City of - Vehicle Barrier Maintenance (W6837-175205/C) Posted 11/28/2017 Bids Due 01/10/2018


City of North Bay - Veteran's Sports Field Design and Reconstruciton Posted 12/21/2017 Bids Due 01/17/2018
Correctional Service Canada - *UPDATED* Modification of T-Unit Fence Posted 12/15/2017 Bids Due 01/22/2018 01/16/2018


Port de Montreal - Supply and installation of fences along the railway Posted 11/29/2017 Bids Due 12/22/2017 01/12/2018


City of Saskatoon - Gate and Fence Repair and Replacement Posted 12/25/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2018
Security Fence Repair and Replacement, Kilburn Hall, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Posted 12/20/2017 Bids Due 01/12/2018
University of Saskatchewan - *UPDATED* Supply and Installation of Barbed Wire Fencing Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 12/21/2017 01/08/2018

   United Nations   

United Kingdom

Forestry Commission - Forest Fencing and Walling Posted 11/13/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2018

New Zealand

Fencing of Longlands Station, Otago, for Tenure Review Posted 12/23/2017 Bids Due 02/05/2018

Classified Ads


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Excellent communication with crews as well as with customers is critical  ·  Organization and efficiency ·  Leadership and interpersonal skills ·  Have the ability to manage, prioritize and complete multiple tasks in a timely manner ·  Project Management and problem solving skills ·  Ability to work both as part of a team and on own initiative ·  Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Word, Excel, & Outlook
Planning and organizing production schedules  ·  Assessing project and resource requirements ·  Overseeing production processes ·  Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials ·  Supervising all crews and subcontractors ·  Ensuring all project deadlines are met · 
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PEXCO LLC Is looking for Eastern & Western Region Fence Sales Managers. Pexco is the leading producer of privacy fence slats for chain link fencing, marketed under it's well known PDS® Fence Products brand. These positions each require a minimum of 5 years of sales experience in the Fence Industry, 60% travel, with respective home based offices in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest. An attractive benefits package, auto allowance and compensation commensurate with each of these positions is offered. Applicants please contact: Richard Brooks (VP Sales & Marketing) or (978) 248-6013


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