January 20, 2016
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 ? Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council?s FenceBids.net. The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

 FenceWeek FenceTech Blog

FenceTech 2017 Blog ...
Fencetech is coming to San Antonio in February. Every year new products and promotions are introduced at the show. In this blog we will be looking at what will be happening at FenceTech. - Today we take a look at

Booth #7033 -- D&D Technologies D&D Technologies Stainless Steel Gate Hardware: NEW superior performance stainless steel gate hardware line offers nine different models of gate hinges and latches that have a powder coat finish. Several self-closing, tension adjustable models are available. more

Booth #1088 -- Seago, Inc Seago will be showing their Postmaster by Autoguide more

Booth #8051 -- Wallace International Welded mesh fencing is among the fastest growing types of fencing in the market. These fences combine the transparency and versatility of chain link fences more

Federal Bids

Replace Vehicle Gate

Solicitation Number: RFQP06031700002
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Bureau of Prisons
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Posted Date January 19, 2017

N--Lot 4A Security Gate

Solicitation Number: VA24617R0333
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: Hampton VAMC
Location:Richmond, VA
Posted Date January 19, 2017

M&R Electrical Security Barriers and Gates

Solicitation Number: W912CM-17-T-0002
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Posted Date January 19, 2017

Y--Remove and Replace Fence - Ouray National Wildlife Refuge

Solicitation Number: F17PS00076
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: Randlett, UT
Posted Date January 19, 2017

Y--Remove and Replace Fence - Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Solicitation Number: F17PS00070
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Fish and Wildlife Service
Location:Garden County, Nebraska.
Posted Date January 19, 2017


Ft. McCoy, WI Mail & Freight Processing Center

Solicitation Number: W912QR-17-R-0015
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Ft. McCoy, WI
Posted Date January 18, 2017

Perimeter Fencing

Solicitation Number: AG-6538-S-17-0034
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Agricultural Research Service
Location: Clay Center, Nebraska.
Posted Date January 18, 2017

Entrance Gate System

Solicitation Number: AG4870-S-17-0002
Agency: Department of Agriculture
Office: Forest Service
Location:Golden Pond, Kentucky
Posted Date January 17, 2017

Replace Fence and Lighting Repair

Solicitation Number: FA3022-17-R-0003
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Education and Training Command
Location: Columbus AFB, Mississippi
Posted Date January 17, 2017

Construct Walmore Road Gate Redesign

Solicitation Number: FA6670-17-R-0002
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Reserve Command
Location:Niagara County, NY.
Posted Date January 14, 2017

State and Local Bids


Anchorage Municipality - Provide Misc. Fencing-guardrail Repairs Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2017


Pima County - Fencing Supplies Nanosky Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017


Searcy Public Housing Authority - Fence Repair and/or Replacement Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017


City of Sacramento - Belle Cooledge Dog Park Fencing Improvements Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2017
Turlock Unified School District - New Security Fencing Projects At Dennis Earl, Sandra Mederios, Walter Brown & Walnut Elementary Schools Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/23/2017
San Bernardino International Airport - Blast Fence Ramp Rehabilitation Project Posted 01/14/2017 Bids Due 02/10/2017
Cosumnes Community Services Dist. Parks & Recreation Dept. - RFP - Temporary Fencing Rental Services Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2017
City of Modesto - Fencing and Repair Services Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017
University of California Irvine - Small Cap 2016 Tennis Court Slab Repair & Resurfacing, Anteater Posted 01/13/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2017
San Ramon Development Services - Iron Fence Panel - Removal, Replacement, Installation Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 01/20/2017
Santa Clara County - Fence Repair and Installation Posted 01/03/2017 Bids Due 01/27/2017
City of Manhattan Beach - Pier Bollard Replacement Project Posted 01/02/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2017
Sunline Transit Agency - *UPDATED* Installation of Perimeter Fencing Posted 12/31/2017 Bids Due 01/20/2017 01/27/2017
Campbell Public Works Dept. - Jack Fischer Park Improvement Project Posted 12/19/2016 Bids Due 01/24/2017
IMG SRC="http://fencebids.com/images/dotyellow.gif"> City of Inglewood - Parking Structure #1 Fencing Posted 12/16/2016 Bids Due 01/25/2017
Riverside Economic Develoment Agency - Request for Qualifications for Multi Prime Contractors Posted 12/09/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2017



Town of Windsor - Ball Field Renovations At Windsor High School Posted 12/28/2016 Bids Due 01/24/2017


City of Colorado Springs - Dublin Boulevard Fence Replacement Posted 01/06/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2017


Sussex County - Fencing Services Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 02/13/2017


Seminole Tribe of Florida - HW Fence Replacement Posted 01/17/2017 Bids Due 01/20/2017
City of South Daytona - James Park Fence Replacement Project Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017
Columbia County School Board - Fencing - Annual Contract Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Lake Wales Ridge Wildlife and Environmental Area Fencing Project Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 01/27/2017
City of Ocala - Citywide Fencing Installation Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 02/03/2017
City of Leesburg - Venetian Gardens Decorative Fencing & Picnic Pavilions Posted 01/12/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2017


Glynn County Board of Education - Burroughs- Molette Elementary School Replacement Posted 12/24/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2017


ILDOT - 72J52 Section D6 Cable/guardrail 2017-2 Posted 12/14/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2017


Louisville Regional Airport Authority - East Perimeter Road Reconstruction - Louisville International Airport Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017
Kentucky Fish And Wildlife - Galvanized Chain Link Fence and two double gates ( RFQ : 1700000142) Posted 01/12/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2017 Buyer Contact Information: Barry Stigers (Barry.stigers@KY.GOV ) P: 502-564-7109



MassDOT - Scheduled and Emergency Guardrail and Fencing Repairs and Improvements Posted 11/07/2016 Bids Due 04/25/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 608690 - Fencing Repairs and Improvements At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/21/2017
MassDOT - *UPDATED* 606094 - Scheduled and Emergency Installation and Repair of Guardrail and Fencing At Various Locations Posted 10/15/2016 Bids Due 03/14/2017


Woodland Center Correctional Facility - Stun Fence Enhancements Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/15/2017
City of Westland - Baseball Field Fencing Project Posted 01/11/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017


Saint Paul Public Schools - ISD #625 - Adams Spanish Immersion Renovation & Addition - Fencing and Landscaping Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/16/2017
City of Winsted - City of Winsted Campbell Field Improvements Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2017


City of Grandview - Perimeter Fencing for Outdoor Amphitheater Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017


Platte River Recovery Implementation - Tract 2012004 Fencing Project Posted 01/13/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2017


Security Fence Addition, Stead Training Center (SPWD Project No. 15-C07) Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017

New Jersey

Essex County - Installation and Removal of Various Types of Fencing Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/01/2017

New York

Onondaga County - Furnishing and Installing Fencing for the City of Syracuse Posted 01/11/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2017
Putnam County - Tilly Foster Farm Supply and Install Power Operated Gate Posted 01/06/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2017

North Dakota

Center/Stanton Public School District #1 - Fencing Posted 01/17/2017 Bids Due 02/06/2017


City of Perkins - Perkins Water Tower Posted 01/20/2017 Bids Due 02/14/2017
Cleveland Sch Dist 6 - Cleveland Public Pchools Phase II - Bid Package: 2E Chain Link Fences and Gates Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/16/2017
Kingfisher County - New Chain Link Fencing and Gate for District #1 Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/03/2017
Kingfisher County - New Chain Link Fencing and Gate for District #2 Posted 01/16/2017 Bids Due 02/03/2017
City of Checotah - Purchase and Installation of Chain Link Fencing for Baseball Fields At Sports Complex Posted 01/14/2017 Bids Due 01/20/2017
Oklahoma State University - Cattle Systems & Pens Posted 01/05/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2017
City of Marlow - Fence Improvements Posted 12/30/2016 Bids Due 01/20/2017


Metro (ORCPP) - On-Call Fence Repair, Installation and Removal Posted 01/05/2017 Bids Due 01/26/2017


Township of Bensalem - New and Replacement Fence Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 01/27/2017
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport - CONTRACT NO. 2 - PHASE 3 - SITE IMPROVEMENTS ...automatic arm gates and card readers, security cameras, security and blast fencing...Posted 01/12/2017 Bids Due 02/01/2017
Township of Summit - Construction of a 2,700 LF of 6' High Chain Link Fence At Community Park Posted 01/06/2017 Bids Due 01/30/2017
Venango County - Installation of a Perimeter Security Fence At the Specialized Search & Rescue Training Facility Posted 01/05/2017 Bids Due 02/07/2017
Canton Township - 2017 Township Building Fencing Project Posted 01/04/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2017

Rhode Island

City of Woonsocket - 5777 Material, Fabrication and Installation of Chain Link Fence and/or Gates and/or Guardrails Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017

South Carolina

DOC - 5400012556 Fence Supplies Posted 01/12/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017


Memphis Housing Authority - City of Lawrenceburg - Cal Ripken Baseball Field Fencing Posted 01/12/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2017
Town of Nolensville - Approximately 4,450 Linear Feet of Trail Posted 12/31/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2017


City of DeSoto - Meadowcreek Fencing Repairs Posted 01/14/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017
City of Rockwall - Lift Station Fence Project Posted 01/14/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017
Nueces Co Water Control & Improvement Dist. 4 - N.C.W.C. & LD. No. 4 - 1.0 Million Gallon Composite Elevated Tank Posted 01/14/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017
Collin County - 2017-087 (Collin County Courthouse Parking Lot Gate Replacement) Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 02/02/2017


Town of Herndon - Fence and Guardrail Repair, Maintenance and Install Posted 01/18/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2017
Chesterfield County - Decorative Fencing at Midlothian Mines Posted 01/17/2017 Bids Due 01/23/2017
Campbell County - Recreation Field Backstops Posted 01/09/2017 Bids Due 01/25/2017


King County - Physical Security Improvements - Fence and Gate System Replacement Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/07/2017


City of La Crosse - Carroll Park Ballfield Expansion Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/07/2017
Dane County - Erosion Control and Plastic Snow Fence Posted 01/19/2017 Bids Due 02/08/2017
Goodland Hall East Security Upgrades Posted 01/13/2017 Bids Due 02/28/2017

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


British Columbia

City of Surrey -
Event Fencing for City of Surrey Major Festivals Posted 01/04/2017 Bids Due 01/20/2017


Fisheries & Oceans Canada - Fence replacement at Ferndale NAVTEX site Posted 01/17/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017
Macdonald Block Complex - Swing Stage, Hoarding and Fencing Posted 01/10/2017 Bids Due 01/31/2017
Turnstile Replacements Posted 12/16/2016 Bids Due 02/02/2017

   United Nations   

Classified Ads



Seattle company looking for full time technician for the installation and service of automatic gate systems.
*_ Installation and service of mechanical and electrical systems on automated sliding & swinging gate systems.
*_ Ability to follow instructions and work independently.
*_ Washington driver's license with clean driving record.
*_ Responsible, and reliable.
*_ Ability to interface effectively and professionally with customers.
*_ Able to work and get along with others.
*_ Courteous and polite (will be working on job sites around customers and other contractors.)
*_ Positive attitude that contributes to a positive work environment.
*_ Dependable transportation.
*_ Able to pass a drug test.
*_ Willing to submit to a criminal background check.


*_ Permanent, full time work.
*_ Personal growth and position advancement.
*_ Medical and dental insurance, available after 90 days.
*_ 401K retirement plan, available after 90 days.
*_ Paid holidays, available after 90 days.
*_ Paid personal time off after first year. *_ Compensation D.O.E.

Contact job@aegates.com



Manager / Estimator / Sales / required for Rite-Way Fencing Inc. in Medicine Hat. We are Western Canada’s largest fencing company, with 12 branches in AB, BC & SK. Experience with chain link fence & related materials and management of installations as well as previous experience in construction sales / estimating from Blueprints would be an asset. A valid drivers’ license and previous computer experience required. The ideal candidate will have previous hands on experience with fence installations. Please submit your resume and remuneration requirements to jobs@ritewayfencing.com or fax (403) 287-9174. Please specify "Manager / Estimator / Sales – Medicine Hat" in your correspondence.



Controlled Products Systems Group, industry leader in Safe Perimeter Access Solutions, is looking for a Branch Manager in our Chicago, IL location. The person must have Gate Automation or Access Control experience and knowledge in inventory management, management, sales and customer service. Ability to be a team player, work independently and self-motivated. Please send your resume to hr@controlledproducts.com EOE.




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