February 9, 2018
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

FenceBids merges with North American Procurement Council bringing new procurement portal for the Fence Industry.
Press Release - Nov 25, 2015
December 1, 2015 ? Bedford Mass. FenceBids announced today that it is merging with the North American Procurement Council?s FenceBids.net. The merger brings readers a weekly newsletter with a broader bid window and more tools for companies wishing to bid on fence-related jobs ..

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids


Solicitation Number: 140L3918Q0027
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Land Management
Posted Date February 8, 2018

Swing and Sliding Gate Systems Maintenance

Solicitation Number: FA8601-18-R-0032
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Materiel Command
Location: Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Posted Date February 8, 2018

USFO Fence Panels

Solicitation Number: 140L0718Q0005
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: Bureau of Land Management
Posted Date February 8, 2018

Z--Upgrade Perimeter Fence

Solicitation Number: 36C24818R0193
Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
Office: VA Caribbean Health Care System
Location:San Juan, Puerto Rico
Posted Date February 8, 2018

FCI Lompoc - New Perimeter Fence

Solicitation Number: 15B61718B00000001
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: Bureau of Prisons
Location:Lompac, California
Posted Date February 7, 2018

56--Steel Fence Posts Modified with Holes

Solicitation Number: 140P6318Q0023
Agency: Department of the Interior
Office: National Park Service
Location:Hot Springs, SD
Posted Date February 6, 2018

Perimeter Security Fence

Solicitation Number: W912ER-17-R-0021
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Posted Date February 6, 2018

Vehicle Barrier Maintenance

Solicitation Number: Township ofF3T3CE7334AW01
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Combat Command
Location:Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina
Posted Date February 1, 2018

State and Local Bids


Troy University - Ornamental Aluminum Fence Installation Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/23/2018


City of Unalaska - Marine Center Security Fence Project Posted 01/22/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018


City of Phoenix - Fence Supply and Service Federally Funded Posted 02/02/2018 Bids Due 02/23/2018
AZDOT - Remove and Install Fence Posted 12/05/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2018


Little Rock School District - Scott Field Improvement Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 03/01/2018



Hillview Water Company - Construct Cyclone Fencing Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/23/2018
City of Santa Clara - Fence Repair and Installation Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Pajaro Valley Unified School District - Safety Fence & Site Improvement Project Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 03/06/2018
Glendale Unified School District - Fence, Railing and Painting Project @ Fremont Elementary School Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018
San Diego County - Lodge Pole Fencing Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 02/19/2018
Carpinteria Unified School District - Front Enterance Gates At Aliso Ele. School Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 03/21/2018
Riverside Unified School District - *UPDATED* Riverside Adult School Ornamental Fence Project Posted 01/25/2018 Bids Due 02/08/2018 02/12/2018
Tustin Unified School District - HEIDEMAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AESTHETIC UPGRADES Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 03/01/2018
California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Otay Lakes Road Fencing Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
City of Santa Rosa - *UPDATED* Howarth Park Tennis Courts Fence Replacement Posted 01/31/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Santa Maria Public Airport District - Fence Repair Project Posted 01/29/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
City of San Luis Obispo - Sinsheimer Stadium Backstop Posted 01/29/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Contra Costa County - 2018 On-Call Fence Services Contract(s) for Various Road, Flood Control, Airport and Facilities Maintenance Work Posted 01/21/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Contra Costa County - 2018 On-Call Fencing Services Contracts Posted 01/20/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Belmont Dept. of Parks & Recreation - Sports Complex South Field Netting Project Posted 01/20/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018
City of Tracy - *UPDATED* Legacy Fields Sports Complex Phase 1C CIP 78163 Posted 01/20/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018
Rowland Unified School District - *UPDATED* RFP - Wrought-iron Fence Project - Building Services Posted 01/18/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
San Mateo-Foster City School District - Fencing Project Phase 10 San Mateo Park E.S & Borel Middle School/Concrete & Site Work Posted 01/18/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Transbay Joint Powers Authority/Transbay Transit Center - Temporary Fencing Services Posted 01/11/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018


Auraria Higher Education Center - RAC Batting Cage Fix Metropolitan State University of Denver Posted 01/31/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
City of Thorton - *UPDATED* Riverdale Ball Fields *REBID* Posted 01/30/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018 02/14/2018


Connecticut Military Dept. - Perimeter Fenceline Erosion Control Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018



City of Port Saint Lucie - Pro-Bono Labor and Supplies for the Police Department Obstacle Course Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018
City of South Miami - ENNIS FENCE & IRRIGATION SYSTEM INSTALLATION AT DANTE FASCELL PARK Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 03/13/2018
Okeechobee County - Okeechobee County Sports Complex Tennis Court Fence Repair and Replacement Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 03/05/2018
Orange County - Bithlo NCF Security Fencing Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/08/2018
Charlotte County - *UPDATED* Environmental Fencing Supply and Install Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018
Florida Municipal Power Agency, Keys Energy Services (KEYS) - *UPDATED* Non-conductive Perimeter Fencing At the Kennedy Drive Substation Posted 01/17/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018
Monroe County School District - Fencing Posted 01/16/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
Miami-Dade County - Hurricane Irma Damage Repairs - South End Stations Posted 01/15/2018 Bids Due 02/14/2018


City of Brookhaven - Blackburn Tennis Court Renovation Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
Fayette County - *UPDATED* Temp. Fencing for 2018 Hot Air Balloon Festival Posted 01/23/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018


Hawaii Dept. of Education (DOE) - Dole Middle - Campus Install Perimeter Fence Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018
City and County of Honolulu - Provide Fence Repairing Services At the Honolulu Zoo Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018



Idaho, State of, Dept. of Fish & Game - Construct Wildlife Barrier/Guard Across Spring Shores Road, Construct 5 Wildlife Jump-outs, and Wildlife Fence Construction Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018


City of Peoria - RFQ - Backstops and Fencing- Mark Woodlands Park Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Township High School District 211 - Backstop Replacement At Conant High School Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/27/2018
Cook County Forest Preserve District - District Wide Fencing Services Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Township of Chouteau - Install 270' of 6'9 Gauge Link Fence With 3 Strands Barbed Wire Posted 01/24/2018 Bids Due 02/26/2018


IADOT - 982, 97-0293-718 - Fencing Posted 01/19/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018


Topeka Public Schools Unified School District 501 - Fence Replacement Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
De Soto Unified School District- #232 District Service Center - District Fencing Projects Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Kansas Dept. of Transportation (KDOT) - Guard Fence Posted 01/26/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018


FENCING, GATES AND OPENERS ( RFB : 1800000490) Posted 01/24/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018 Buyer Contact Information: Daniel Salvato (daniel.salvato@ky.gov) P: 502-564-5862


Jefferson Parish - Labor & Materials Needed To Install Vinyl Fencing Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/19/2018
Jefferson Parish - Supply & Install a Replacement Fence Panel Posted 01/30/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Louisiana Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry - Fencing and Gate Posted 01/18/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018


Maine Turnpike Authority - Snow Fence Installation Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018


Baltimore County - On-Call Fencing, Term Agreement Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/26/2018
Wicomico County - Renovation of Existing Backstop At HSPAC Posted 01/30/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018
Allegany College of Maryland - Tennis Court Fence Posted 01/29/2018 Bids Due 02/14/2018
Kent County - RFP - Athletic Field Fencing Posted 01/19/2018 Bids Due 02/14/2018
Maryland Dept. of Transportation - Repair and/or Install Fencing at Var. Loc. in Baltimore and Harford Counties Posted 01/10/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018


Town of Acton - GUARDRAILS AND CHAIN LINK FENCING (REMOVE and RESET/FURNISH and INSTALL AS NEEDED) Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 03/01/2018
Hopkinton Public Schools - Artificial Turf Fields Project Posted 01/26/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018
Berkshire Community College - Turf Field Installation Posted 01/25/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018
Martha's Vineyard Land Bank Commission - *UPDATED* Purchase of Materials and the Installation of a Fence Posted 01/16/2018 Bids Due 02/02/2018 02/09/2018


City of Sturgis - Old Spence Field Fencing Removal Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018
Lincoln Park Public Schools - Tennis Court Improvements - Fencing Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/14/2018


Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board - *UPDATED* OP 8534 - Bids for Barrier Netting System at Bossen Field Park Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
City of Minnetonka - Lone Lake Pickleball Courts Posted 01/23/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018


Maysville School Dist R-1 - Baseball Field Renovation Posted 01/22/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018
City of O'Fallon - *UPDATED* Westhoff Park Diamond One Fence Replacement & Repair Posted 01/15/2018 Bids Due 01/25/2018 02/22/18
Saint Louis County - ECC Tower Fencing - Department of Police Posted 01/20/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018


New Hampshire

Town of Derry - B18-128 - Automated Alum. Sliding Gate Posted 01/25/2018 Bids Due 03/06/2018

New Jersey

Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) - Property Boarding, Property Securing, Debris Removal, Fence Installation and Plaque Installation Services Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018

New Mexico

Pueblo of Isleta - Pueblo of Isleta Elder Center Carport and Security Fencing Posted 01/29/2018 Bids Due 03/02/2018

New York

Susquehanna Valley Central School - Fencing Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Onondaga County - Furnishing and Installation of Fencing Posted 02/02/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Metro - North Railroad - Fencing Materials Posted 01/20/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018
Poughkeepsie Public Housing Authority - *UPDATED* Replacement of Fence at Thurgood Marshall Terrace and Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments - *REBID* Posted 01/13/2018 Bids Due 02/05/2018 02/12/2018

North Carolina

Wake County Public School System - High School Tennis Court Repairs, Panther Creek High School, Millbrook High School, Holly Springs High School Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Wake County - Prequalifcations: Oak City Multi-Service Center Project BP#32A - Fencing Posted 02/05/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Division 7 - D7POC224 - installation of Highway Fencing As Needed Posted 01/31/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
City of Kannapolis - Fire Station #2 & #3 - Chain Link Fences Posted 01/30/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Division 7 - D7POC222 RFQ - Installation of Highway Fencing Posted 01/27/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Wake County Public School System - East Wake Middle School Project - BP3231 - Fences & Gates Posted 12/06/2017 Bids Due 02/23/2018

North Dakota

Dunn County - Fencing Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018


City of Dayton - Fencing Products and Repair Services Posted 01/10/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018


OKDOT - Safety Improvement (Rumble Strip and Cable Barrier) - Sh-165: From 0.8 Miles North of the Us-62 Interchange Posted 01/25/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018


Municipality of Kingston - CONTRACT NO. 1 PLAYGROUND EXPANSION...supply and installation of variable height chain link fencing... Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
Township of Abington - *UPDATED* Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary Trail Phase 1 *RE-BID* Posted 02/02/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
Township of Bensalem - New and Replacement Fence Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/15/2018
Pequea Valley School District - Softball Field Improvements Posted 01/31/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Clearfield-Lawrence Township Jt Airport Authority - Remove Tree Obstructions in Fence Line and Replace Fence Posted 12/19/2017 Bids Due 02/09/2018

Rhode Island

City of Woonsocket - 5834 The Material, Fabrication & Installation of Chain Link Fence and/or Gates and/or Guardrails Posted 01/25/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018

South Carolina

Allendale County Schools - Allendale County Schools - Fencing for Track Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority - RFQ - Seaside ASR Well Fence Posted 02/02/2018 Bids Due 02/09/2018
City of Florence - Freedom Florence Portable Fencing Posted 01/26/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018

South Dakota

MWR - MWRO - NEKOTA MABO - Steel Fence Posts Modified with Holes Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
City of Madison - Ballfield Backstop Fence Posted 02/05/2018 Bids Due 02/14/2018


Smith County Government - Purchase and Installation of a Fencing and Remote Security System Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/26/2018
Telamon Corporation - Fencing Replacement Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 02/23/2018


City of Garland - Fencing for Duckcreek Wastewater Treatment Plant Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/27/2018
City of San Antonio - Annual Contract for Fencing Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/27/2018
The Park Board of Trustees of Galveston - Church Fencing Project Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018
Harris County - Water Plant Fencing for Water Plant No. 1 and Water Well No. 2 Project Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/21/2018
City of Cleveland - Municipal Sports Park Fence Repair and Restoration Posted 02/07/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County - Rail Pedestrian Fencing Installation Posted 02/05/2018 Bids Due 02/19/2018
Hearne Independent School District - Small Construction Projects Including Cement Work, Chain Link Fencing, Painting or Installation and Repair of Equipment for Buildings Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018
TXDOT - State Let Maintenance Contract, Fayette Co, Metal Guardfence Repair (On Call) Posted 01/28/2018 Bids Due 03/06/2018
TXDOT - State Let Maintenance Contract, Harris Co, Guardrail Repair Posted 01/27/2018 Bids Due 03/07/2018
City of Pasadena - Fence Repair, Water Wells and Tower Posted 01/16/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018


City of Ogden - Fence and Gate Installation Services Posted 02/05/2018 Bids Due 02/16/2018


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Scotch Creek WLA Tunk Valley Unit Boundary Interior Fence Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 03/08/2018
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - *UPDATED* Methow WLA Big Buck Unit - Boundary Interior Fence East *Re-bid* Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Seattle Housing Authority - Denny Terrace Security Gate and Fence Enclosure Posted 02/01/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018
Pullman Regional Hospital - Small Works Roster of Contractors Posted 01/31/2018 Bids Due 02/10/2018
Snohomish County - *UPDATED* Fencing, Martha Lake Community Park Posted 01/30/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018

West Virginia

WVDOT - *UPDATED* 1704631 2017 D7 Guardrail - REBID Posted 01/11/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018


City of Cheyenne - *UPDATED* Backstop Fence Removal and Replacement at Converse Athletic Complex Posted 01/18/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   



Alberta Municipal Affairs Special Areas Board -
Standing Services Agreement for Fencing for Road Construction Season Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 02/23/2018
*UPDATED* JNP East Gate Reconstruction Posted 02/02/2018 Bids Due 02/20/2018
Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 - 2018 Fencing Posted 01/18/2018 Bids Due 02/13/2018


City of Windsor - Supply & Install Fencing - Central Park & Forest Glade Park Posted 02/06/2018 Bids Due 02/22/2018
Township of Severn - Request for Quotation(RFQ) - Couchiching Avenue Parkland Fence Posted 02/03/2018 Bids Due 03/08/2018
*UPDATED* Vehicle Barrier Arms Posted 01/29/2018 Bids Due 02/12/2018


City of Saskatoon - Water & Wastewater Services - RFP - Engineering Services - WTP Perimeter Enclosure & Security Upgrade Posted 02/08/2018 Bids Due 03/16/2018
City of Saskatoon - *UPDATED* Gate and Fence Repair and Replacement Posted 12/25/2017 Bids Due 01/24/2018 02/13/2018


City of Whithorse - Supply and Delivery of Ornamental Steel Fencing Posted 02/09/2018 Bids Due 02/28/2018

   United Nations   

Classified Ads


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We are Western Canada's largest fencing company, with 12 branches in AB, BC & SK. Previous sales/estimating experience and ability to do take-off's from blue prints for construction projects would be an asset. A valid drivers' license and previous computer experience is required. These are full-time positions for sales of chain link fence and related materials. Please submit your resume and remuneration requirements to the contact listed below. Rite-Way Fencing Inc. has two positions available:
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PEXCO LLC Is looking for Eastern & Western Region Fence Sales Managers. Pexco is the leading producer of privacy fence slats for chain link fencing, marketed under it's well known PDS® Fence Products brand. These positions each require a minimum of 5 years of sales experience in the Fence Industry, 60% travel, with respective home based offices in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest. An attractive benefits package, auto allowance and compensation commensurate with each of these positions is offered. Applicants please contact: Richard Brooks (VP Sales & Marketing) richard.brooks@pexco.com or (978) 248-6013


STATESIDE STEEL AND WIRE is Hiring An Outside Sales Rep. Send resume to Careers@StatesideSteel.com


Fence Installers/Foreman Wanted!

Well established Fence Company, operating in the Birmingham, AL area for over 40 years! Currently seeking Experienced Fence Installers/Foreman and Gate Fabricators. Ideal candidates will have experience in both commercial and residential projects, capable of leading crews, installing various types of fence materials including wood, ornamental, chain link, and PVC.
We provide a competitive benefits package that includes health insurance, 401k match, vacation and holiday pay and a relocation package. All tools and equipment are also provided. Competitive pay options, hourly or sub pay.
Only Experienced Fence Professionals need Apply!
Send resumes to FenceJobsAL@gmail.com


SEEKING A SENIOR LEVEL PRODUCTION MANAGER! Hercules Fence is a premier Fence & Perimeter Security Company in the Washington DC/Baltimore Metropolitan area. We excel in commercial and high security work at some of the most prestigious locations in the United States. We are seeking a Senior Level Production Manager to run our Production Department at our continually growing Jessup, Maryland branch. Experience in a fast-paced construction environment is a must!
Excellent communication with crews as well as with customers is critical  ·  Organization and efficiency ·  Leadership and interpersonal skills ·  Have the ability to manage, prioritize and complete multiple tasks in a timely manner ·  Project Management and problem solving skills ·  Ability to work both as part of a team and on own initiative ·  Strong computer skills, including proficiency in Word, Excel, & Outlook
Planning and organizing production schedules  ·  Assessing project and resource requirements ·  Overseeing production processes ·  Selecting, ordering and purchasing materials ·  Supervising all crews and subcontractors ·  Ensuring all project deadlines are met · 
We offer an excellent salary and benefits package! We have other positions available: sales, estimating, superintendents, and project management!

Be sure to visit our website: www.herculesfence.com
Please send your resume to employment@herculesfence.com·. We appreciate your interest, but only those candidates who meet our qualifications will be contacted.
No Phone Calls Please! Hercules Fence is an EOE/AAE.




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