January 4, 2019
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About Fencebids
Fencebids is a weekly newsletter delivering Federal and State procurement bid information dealing with fencing and access control. It is published in association with World Fence News. Fencebids is not affiliated with any government agencies.

FenceBids News

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On Wednesday The North American Procurement Council (NAPC) changed their model of doing business. They are now charging an annual $20 fee to access their site. We rely on them a lot for the information we provide. We will depend on them less going forward. Where available we will provide as much free information as we can. We were not part of this decision, and we apologize for any disruption. When you click on a bid from the NAPC it will inform you on how to register and pay their fee. Thank you

Red dots means Federal Contract going out for bid
Yellow dots means it is a State or Local bid
Blue dots mean the contract has already been awarded
New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

New State or Municipal bid appearing for the first time

...Italics indicate the part of the bid concerning fencing or access control...

Federal Bids

National Physical Security Program - Installation and Maintenance

Solicitation Number: 15M20019NA32NPS01
Agency: Department of Justice
Office: United States Marshals Service
Location:1,000 facilities throughout 94 districts and within the 12 judicial circuits in the United States and its Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands)
Posted Date January 3, 2019


Solicitation Number: N6247319B2425
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: Miramar, San Diego, California
Posted Date January 3, 2019

Repair Cantonment Fence on Joint Base-Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA

Solicitation Number: W912DW-19-B-TBD
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location:Joint Base-Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA
Posted Date January 2, 2019

Operations and Maintenance Services at 3 Locations in the State of Michigan

Solicitation Number: 2019_3_MI_Location_OM_SOURCES_SOUGHT
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location: 3 Locations in the State of Michigan
Posted Date December 31, 2018

North Clear Zone Fence

Solicitation Number: FA462519RA002
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Global Strike Command
Location:Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Posted Date December 28, 2018

Physical Access Control System Maintenance & Repair Specification

Solicitation Number: 47PF0019R0036
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Posted Date December 27, 2018

MARKET SURVEY: Installation of a chain link fence with barbed wire and gates at Teterboro Airport, RTR, NJ.

Solicitation Number: 32263
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Location: Teterboro Airport, RTR, NJ
Posted Date December 27, 2018

State and Local Bids


California Dept. of Motor Vehicles - Installation of a Secured Chain Link Fence at DMV Headquarters - Building East Posted 01/03/2019 Bids Due 01/31/2019
Chula Vista Elementary School District - Proposition E - Full Site Modernization - Concrete, Grading, CMU, Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals, & Fencing Posted 12/29/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019
Fontana Unified School District - *UPDATED* Chain Link Fencing and Handrails At Three (3) Sites Posted 12/31/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019
Elk Grove Unified School District - Franklin HS Security Fence Posted 12/25/2018 Bids Due 01/31/2019
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County - *UPDATED* Construction of Pomona Water Reclamation Plant Security Fencing Replacement 2018 Posted 12/21/2018 Bids Due 01/24/2019
Pleasanton Unified School District - New Fencing at Mohr Elementary School Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/25/2019
Pleasanton Unified School District - New Fencing at Fairlands Elementary School Posted 12/16/2018 Bids Due 01/25/2019
City of El Cajon - *UPDATED* As Needed Miscellaneaous Fence/Guardrail Repair & Installation *REBID* Posted 12/15/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019
Caltrans - Fence and Automated Gate Replacement Posted 12/15/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019
City of Santa Rosa - Request for Quote - Remove and Replace Fencing and Gates At Transit Ops Building Posted 12/12/2018 Bids Due 01/22/2019
Sacramento Municipal Utility District - *UPDATED* UARP Fencing Upgrade Project Posted 12/12/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019 01/10/2018
La Habra City School District - Fencing At Various Sites Posted 12/11/2018 Bids Due 01/29/2019
Azusa Unified School District - *UPDATED* Phase 3 Fencing Improvements At Various Sites Posted 11/18/2018 Bids Due 01/07/2019



Boulder County - Transportation Dept - *UPDATED* Lee Hill Drive Overlay, Culvert, and Guardrail Project Posted 01/03/2019 Bids Due 01/25/2019
Arapahoe County - Event Fencing Posted 12/28/2018 Bids Due 01/24/2019
City of Thornton - Northern Lights Ballfield Fence Repairs Posted 12/22/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019
Colorado DOT - *UPDATED* STR0132-02 - Reconstruction and Widening - Earthwork, Paving, Culvert Improvements, Fencing, Guardrail, Striping, Seeding, and Erosion Control Managem Posted 12/06/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019
TrailMark Metropolitan District - 2019 Privacy Fence Replacement Project Posted 11/30/2018 Bids Due 01/07/2019


City of Plant City - *UPDATED* New Fencing and Gates for Plant City Police Department Posted 12/26/2018 Bids Due 01/24/2019
Lake County BOCC - Parcel Fencing Posted 12/26/2018 Bids Due 01/07/2019
City of Fernandina Beach - *UPDATED* Parks & Rec - Buccaneer Field Fence Replacement Posted 12/25/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019
City of Jacksonville - OVERHEAD BAY DOOR AND GATE REPAIRS FOR CITY BUILDINGS Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/16/2019
Miami-Dade Aviation Dept./Miami International Airport - Airport Fence and Gates Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/21/2019
Miami-Dade Aviation Dept./Miami International Airport - Perimeter Fencing Security Barbed Wire Improvement Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/21/2019
Miami-Dade Aviation Dept./Miami International Airport - MIA - RCF D60 Gate New Swing Doors Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/22/2019
Osceola County School District - *UPDATED* Fencing Materials *REBID* Posted 12/16/2018 Bids Due 01/16/2019
Pasco County BOCC - IFB - As-Needed Furnish, Install, Repair and Replacement of Fencing Systems Posted 12/14/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019
University of Florida - Wildlife Fence at NFREC-Suwannee Valley Posted 12/13/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019
Pinellas County Schools - Fencing Materials, Delivered County Wide Posted 12/11/2018 Bids Due 01/16/2019
City of Sunrise - Fence Replacement At Roarke Hall Posted 12/07/2018 Bids Due 01/09/2019
Florida State University - FSU Student Union Building (FS-263) - Group D: 32.1 - Fencing Posted 10/08/2018 Bids Due 04/23/2019


Gwinnett County Public Schools - Fencing Qualifications for Services and Repairs Posted 12/31/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019
Georgia Dept. of Transportation - 48400-DOT0001476 T32-D1-Fencing- Gwinnett Co-82222 Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/21/2019
Georgia Dept. of Transportation - 48400-DOT0001475 T32-D1-Fencing-Rabun Co.- 82208 Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/21/2019
Hall County BOC - Jail Perimeter Fence Posted 12/08/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019


Maui County - Ballfield Fencing Posted 01/03/2019 Bids Due 01/30/2019
Architecture and Engineering for Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility Observation and Assessment Cottage - Perimeter Fence Posted 12/27/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019


DuPage County Forest Preserve District - *UPDATED* Willowbrook Crane Cage Mesh Replacement *Re-bid* Posted 01/04/2019 Bids Due 01/23/2018
City of O'Fallon - Parks & Recreation Athletic Field/Court Fencing 2019 Posted 12/27/2018 Bids Due 01/16/2019
DOC - Department of Corrections - Construct Bus Pad Posted 12/27/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019
Illinois Department of Transportation - 045-64N16 - "On-Call" Guardrail and Fence Repairs Along State Maintained Routes Posted 12/13/2018 Bids Due 01/18/2019
Illinois Department of Transportation - 046-64N17 - "On-call" Guardrail and Fence Repairs Posted 12/13/2018 Bids Due 01/18/2019
University of Illinois - Illini Grove & Outdoor Center - Tennis Court & Fencing ReplacementIllini Grove & Outdoor Center - Tennis Court & Fencing Replacement Posted 12/12/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019


Indianapolis Airport Authority/Indianapolis International Airport - *UPDATED* AOA Fencing Relocation - Old Parking Garage Posted 12/13/2018 Bids Due 01/07/2019


Iowa Dept. of Transportation - 981, 97-0293-721 - Fencing Posted 12/23/2018 Bids Due 01/16/2019
City of Davenport - Outfield Fence - Ridgeview Park Field 3 Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019
Madrid Comm. Sch. Dist.- Madrid High School Athletic Fields Fencing Project Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/15/2019


KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism - *UPDATED* Fence Construction - Ellsworth and Russell County Posted 11/20/2018 Bids Due 12/11/2018 01/04/2018


Kenton County Fiscal Court - *UPDATED* Animal Shelter Fence - REBID* Posted 12/29/2018 Bids Due 01/14/2019
City of Ashland - Installation of Fencing, Gates Posted 12/25/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019


Lafourche Parish School Board - Security Upgrades at Thibodaux High School Posted 12/15/2018 Bids Due 01/17/2019
Ascension Parish - New Fueling Station Yard for the Parish of Ascension Posted 12/14/2018 Bids Due 01/18/2019


*UPDATED* Replace Electrical Door Control System at Eastern Correctional Institution Posted 12/07/2018 Bids Due 01/09/2019 01/23/2019


Town of Sterling - Tennis Court Reconstruction Posted 12/26/2018 Bids Due 01/09/2019
608988 Fence Repairs and Replacements at Various Facilities and Rest Areas Posted 11/09/2018 Bids Due 03/12/2019



Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) - IFB - Fence Improvements Posted 12/31/2018 Bids Due 02/05/2019
City of Midland - SECURITY GATE RENOVATION Posted 12/05/2018 Bids Due 02/05/2019


University of Minnesota - *UPDATED* RFP - Sand Plain Research Farm Deer Exclusion Fencing Project Posted 12/06/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019 01/31/2019


City of Marshall - Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport, Airport Improvements Posted 12/22/2018 Bids Due 01/25/2019


Nebraska Public Power District - Doniphan Control Center Security Fence Upgrade Posted 12/15/2018 Bids Due 01/15/2019

New Jersey

Village of Ridgewood Fire Department - Electric Slide Gate - Recycling Center Posted 12/24/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019

New York

New York City - Fencing: Furnish, Install and Repair Posted 01/01/2019 Bids Due 02/04/2019
NYS Office of Mental Health - Fencing Services RFI Posted 12/04/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019

North Carolina

City of Salisbury - ITB - Customer Service Center Fence Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/23/2019


City of Bartlesville - *UPDATED* Kiddie Park Fence & Entry, Road Rehab, & Pathfinder Extension Posted 01/03/2019 Bids Due 01/22/2019


Tri-County Metro Transportation District - On-Call Ordinary Metal Fencing Repair or Maintenance and New Installation Services Posted 12/18/2018 Bids Due 01/09/2019


Pennsylvania Game Commission - 23NW-Deer Deterrent Fence Installastion Project Posted 12/27/2018 Bids Due 01/18/2019
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) - Fencing, RRD Fern Rock Station Posted 12/21/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019

South Carolina

Horry County - RFP - Labor & Materials for Installation or Replacement Chain Link Fence "As Needed" Posted 01/04/2019 Bids Due 01/23/2018
South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources - Deliver & Install Fencing Posted 01/03/2019 Bids Due 01/29/2019
City of Myrtle Beach - Beach Sand Fencing Posted 12/18/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019
Beaufort County - Modular Restrooms and Fencing for Hilton Head Island Airport Posted 12/03/2018 Bids Due 01/03/2019 01/24/2018


City of Rockwall - Lift Station Fence Project Posted 12/22/2018 Bids Due 01/11/2019
Fort Worth ISD - Benbrook Middle High School - Baseball Softball Complex Posted 12/21/2018 Bids Due 01/22/2019
Aldine Independent School District - New Installation of Chain Link Fence Posted 12/18/2018 Bids Due 01/18/2019
Carrizo Springs Consolidated Independent School District - High School Fence Project Posted 12/06/2018 Bids Due 01/08/2019
Houston District of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) - 6338-24-001- Guardrail Repair Posted 12/02/2018 Bids Due 01/09/2018


City of South Jordan - RFP - Precast Fence Posted 01/04/2019 Bids Due 01/16/2018
Moab Antelope Fence Retrofit Posted 12/23/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources - Big Game Fencing Posted 12/08/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019
Salt Lake County - *UPDATED* Youth Services Security Fence Posted 11/30/2018 Bids Due 12/18/2018 01/03/2019 01/08/2019


Campbell County - CCADM 013-FY19 Timberlake Park Fencing Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/15/2019
Hampton City Schools - Fence Repair or Replacement Posted 12/12/2018 Bids Due 01/15/2019
City of Alexandria - *UPDATED* Dog Kennel Renovations At Vola Lawson Animal Shelter Posted 12/05/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019
Virginia State Police - Driver Training Facility - *UPDATED* Blackstone-Perimeter Fence Vegetation Removal and Maintenance Posted 11/29/2018 Bids Due 12/21/2018 01/11/2019



King County - Gate Parts, Maintenance, and Repair Services Posted 12/21/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019

West Virginia

*UPDATED* 85192010 - Chain Link Fence and Installation Posted 12/28/2018 Bids Due 01/10/2019

   Canadian Province and Local Bids   


Newfoundland and Labrador

NRC-Security Fencing Posted 12/20/2018 Bids Due 01/28/2019


City of Toronto - North Facing Dock Wall Reconstruction in the Western Channel, 5 Eireann Quay, Toronto. Posted 12/19/2018 Bids Due 01/23/2019
City of Toronto - Fencing - Guard Rail - Scaffolding - Products / Installation / Repairs Posted 12/15/2018 Bids Due 01/24/2019


Automated gate replacement (EF997-192095/A) Posted 12/07/2018 Bids Due 01/04/2019

   United Nations   

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